5 “midsize” innovations to see at the shows: Oceanis, Hanse, Bali, Dufour and Elan

The boat shows are getting closer, with the Cannes Yachting Festival scheduled for Sept. 12-16 and the Genoa Boat Show from Sept. 21-26. As always, the Sailing Newspaper will tell you, live from the docks of the two most important boat shows in the Mediterranean, all the news and current trends in sailing.

As we wait for the boat show season to get into full swing, let’s take a look at 5 new boats coming to market: the Oceanis 37.1, the Hanse 410, the Elan Impression 43, the Dufour 41 and the Bali Cat Smart. Pure cruising boats, suitable for families and charters, perfect for summer vacations if we want to live aboard pampered by maximum comfort.

Oceanis 37.1 (11 m)

The Oceanis 37.1

Marc Lombard curated the water lines of this cruiser that is one of the (few) new entries in the small-medium segment, Nauta deck and interior, available in various layouts. Normal mainsail and self-tacking jib are the standard but you can also have square-top and low-overlap jib to go faster.

Type: Cruiser.

L.f.t.: 11.93 m; l.w.l.: 10.83 m;

Width: 3.92 m; Depth: 1.63 / 2.10 m;

Displ.: 6.86 t; Zav.: 1.8 t; Sup. vel: 60 sqm.

Dufour 41 (12 m)

The Dufour 41 Photo © Jean-Marie LIOT Images / Dufour Yachts

The hull design of this new cruiser was entrusted to studio Felci, while for the interior, Ardizio Design, another Italian signature, made its debut. The result is a boat that is primarily comfortable, but also manages to provide some satisfaction at the helm while still being a family cruiser.

Type: Cruiser.

L.f.t.: 12.75 m; l.w.l.: 11.20 m;

Wdg.: 4.30 m; Draught: 2.10 m; Displacement: 9.70 t; Zav.: 2.60 t; Sup. sail: 83.42 m.


Hanse 410 (12 m)

The Hanse 410

Another of the novelties in the world of 12-meter cruisers bears the signature of the French firm Berret-Racoupeau, the protagonist of the German shipyard’s “new deal” and already the creator of the Hanse 510 and 460. Reverse prow with integrated dolphin boat and hull shapes promise an all round agile hull.

Type: Cruiser.

L.f.t.: 12.55 m; l.w.l.: 11.55 m;

Wd.: 4.29 m; Pesc.: 1.70 / 2.10 m; Displ.: 9.68 t; Zav.: – ; Sup. vel: 84 sqm.


www.nautilusmarina.it, www.ciniwebster.it

Elan Impression 43 (13 m)

Elan Impression 43
Elan Impression 43

The search for harmony between design, performance, and comfort was the guideline for the new Elan Impression 43, which bears the signature of Rob Humphreys and Pininfarina. Perfect for family cruises. Generous cockpit with dual wheelhouses. The interior features quality finishes.

Type: Cruiser.

L.f.t.: 13.60; w.w.l.: 12.20 m; W.d.: 4.25 m; Draft: 1.70 / 1.95 m; Displacement: 11.10 t;

Zav.: 3.54 t; Sup. vel: 81 sq. m.


Bali Cat Smart (12 m)

The Bali Cat Smart

Enviable space and a sail plan designed for true sailing: these are the main features of Bali Catamarans’ new catamaran, the Bali Catsmart, the smallest in the range but featuring solutions inherited from its larger siblings, such as an enclosed bow and forward cockpit.

Type: Cruiser.

L.f.t.: 12.08 m; l.w.l.: 11.18 m; W.d.: 6.46 m; Draft: 1.11 m; Displacement: 12 t; Zav.: – ;

Sup. vel: 76 sq. m.




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