How to become a sailboat owner for 42 days a year

MedBoat Sharing - A boat all to yourself 42 days a year
MedBoat Sharing – A boat all to yourself 42 days a year

Do you want to have a sailboat but the charter is too tight for you and the purchase is too expensive? Thanks to MedBoat Sharing you can have your own boat for 42 days a year by paying a fixed, “all-inclusive” fee. We explain how the formula it proposes works.

How MedBoat Sharing Works

MedBoat Sharing ‘s solution lies in the middle between buying and chartering; it is a kind of timeshare that allows one to become a member of a boat along with seven other “partners.” The eight total shares correspond to eight different users who can dispose of the boat with complete freedom, just as if it were their own property. Each year the member can decide to sign a contract and have the boat for one week every eight, so as to ensure that everyone can use the boat in different seasons. There are several possible formulas, from one that guarantees full use of the 42 days to one-less onerous-that provides use during 12 days only on weekends. All of them, however, have one thing in common. The amount you are going to pay is clear from the beginning and includes everything: liability and Kasko insurance, berth, parking space in the marina, routine and special maintenance, and cleaning. Compared to chartering, this is a formula that provides more prolonged use and greater freedom, while also allowing the boat to be truly 100 percent available to you.

The operation is very simple. You choose one of the boats in the MedBoat Sharing bases, purchase the fee with the desired formula, take a short two-day course explaining how to manage the boat and what to do for check-in and check-out, and you’re done. The owner (for 42 days) does not have to worry about maintaining or preparing the boat, renewing insurance and berths-he just has to enjoy his time on board. You can choose to renew your dues annually-with monthly payments-or sign up for a multi-year contract that provides some savings. Each year the owner is free (availability permitting) to suspend or resume mamebership, and change the boat of which to be a member.

What boats are available and where are they located?

The Dufour 360 GL is among the boats available in the MedBoat Sharing fleet

MedBoat Sharing is currently active in four different marinas with a fleet of six boats, all sailboats and ranging in length from 30 to 40 feet:

  • Marina di Scarlino (Tuscany) – Dufour 310 Grand Large / Dufour 350 Grand Large / Dufour 360 Grand Large
  • Marina del Fezzano (Liguria) – Oceanis 35.1
  • Marina di Loano (Liguria) – Oceanis 40
  • Marina Cala Galera (Tuscany) – Jeanneau 349

In early 2024 MedBoat Sharing also plans to open a fifth base in Nettuno, Lazio.

Do you have a boat and wish to amortize the costs? Here’s how to do it!

If you have a boat that is no older than 3-4 years, in excellent condition and you have the opportunity to keep it in one of the marinas where MedBoat Sharing is present , you can entrust it to the management program. The company guarantees to cover all operating expenses, including maintenance and berth, and allows the owner to
twice as much use of the boat as members, i.e., 84 days per year. Depending on the condition of the boat, there may also be a fixed annual annuity for the owner, which is around 5 percent of the boat’s value.



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