The right electronics for a 13-meter sailboat according to Garmin

What instruments should a sailboat up to 13 meters have on board? Just enter the Sail Newspaper Boat Show to learn exactly what is needed. You get the advice from the leader in marine electronics Garmin Marine, which displays the best of its production in its confidential booth, but more importantly, it explains what is needed and why it should be installed.

Garmin: the ideal solution for on-board instrumentation

It doesn’t matter if you have a cruising boat, a long sailing boat, a racing boat or a cruising/racing boat, Garmin has created an ideal system for all the needs of the enthusiast who owns a sailing boat up to 13 meters. Here are what elements of the integrated product system, created by Garmin, you’ll want to visit now
to make your boat better and enjoy it, making everything easier. And improving sailing performance.

What instrumentation on a 13-meter sailboat?

Here is a summary of the
instrumentation recommended by Garmin
that is needed for a racing or cruising/racing boat up to 13 meters:

  • Wind station with plug – and – play installation that eliminates the need for settings and configurations with three screens, where to display all wind data, depth, temperature.
  • Navigation with the new 10-inch GPSMAP 8410 chartplotter that integrates seamlessly with a variety of on-board instruments thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, the remote control keyboard with joystick.
  • Safety with the new VHF 315i with modular system designed for vessels where you can have a station with multiple communication stations, fully waterproof.
  • Navigation control with anAIS 800, a transceiver that gives us a better understanding of what is around us when we sail.
  • Easy maneuvering with the GC 200 camera What is it for? For example, to maneuver in a crowded harbor or to provide sharp images in low light.

The optional extras useful on a cruise

Here is a summary of what you need for extra peace of mind and safety, or alternatively, on a boat up to 13 meters cruising according to Garmin:

  • Home automation to have total management and control/alarms on board such as lights, water, diesel, bilge pump.
  • bSailing with the Reactor 40 autopilot and the transducer that also adjusts to heeling angles up to 24 degrees without a fairing.
  • Maneuvering in the harbor becomes easy with GC 200 with three waterproof cameras that also work at night.
  • Situation control with an antenna that provides the highest accuracy in scanning the surrounding environment and detecting targets in any weather condition up to 36 nautical miles.

Contact Garmin now directly from here

All you have to do is enter the
Garmin booth
to learn all about instrumentation for sailboats up to 13 meters and contact directly by filling out the email form here,



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