All the secrets of the Elan E6, the Slovenian boat designed by Pininfarina


Elan E6 - In Navigation
Elan E6 – In Navigation

Fun and fast but also easy to maneuver, especially when using it for cruising. The latest design from the Slovenian shipyard Elan – the
Elan E6
– is a boat that appeals to performance enthusiasts in terms of water lines and sail plan, but sacrifices nothing in the interior, which is extremely comfortable when cruising and designed by Italian studio Pininfarina.

Elan E6 – The perfect combination of cruising and racing

Elan E6 is an almost flush deck boat, in fact the deck designed by the Humphreys Yacht Design studio founded by Rob Humphreys is distinguished by its minimalism and look, yet retaining all the rigging, with a layout designed by Olympic sailors to be simple and intuitive. On the deckhouse, continuous fenestration allows light into the interior despite the limited height, as does the “hollow” line on the side where the fenestration has been placed. The boat has a maximum beam of almost 4 1/2 meters but sails very well even upwind, thanks to the fairly light displacement and raised edge.

The boat also performs very well in racing, especially in its 2.80-meter draft version (the standard one draws 2.40 meters). As the people at Elan like to say, this yacht is a 60 percent cruising and 60 percent racing boat, because truly each of the two souls is taken care of by the shipyard. The construction is by Gurit, a leading composite company that has done a really good job keeping the sporty lines but allowing for maximum usable space below deck, as can be seen in the video below.

There is Pininfarina’s signature on the interior

In the interior to dominate the scene is thehexagonal element, chosen by Pininfarina to recall the boat’s name, Elan E6
. We find it in the ladder to descend below deck, in the elements that make up the table, and in the upholstery of the cushions. Everything is taken care of down to the last detail, with fine finishes and thoughtful choices, and the right space is found to experience cruising at its best and in extremely comfortable conditions. Two layouts are available and allow for 3 or 4 cabins, again with two different separate bathrooms.

Elan E6 – Data Sheet

Overall length: 15.30 m
Length at the waterline: 13.68 m
Width: 4.49 m
Draft std/opt: 2.80/2.40 m
Displacement: 11,250 kg
Ballast: 3,267 kg
Mainsail: 68.56 square meters
Flake: 53.71 square meters
Gennaker: 201.70 sqm
Volvo std engine: 50 hp
Yanmar opt engine: 57 hp



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