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Do you have a cruising boat ? Or a pure racing boat? Or finally, as is increasingly the case, do you have a boat that is great at cruising but is easy to have fun with in some regattas as well? For each boat, and for each owner, there is the best sail. In order to know which one is best suited to one’s needs, capable of truly improving performance, we give you a few examples of the sails produced by the historic Elvstrøm Sails.

Cruising boat but do you do any regattas on it? Here’s what to choose

If you are looking for a sail that is not only suitable for racing but also for cruising, the solution is Marin by Elvstrøm Sails. Assuret performance but also great strength and durability, these are sails designed with EPEX layout, which ensures optimal fiber distribution and a strong and stable sail. The material chosen by Elvstrøm Sails for the outer layers of this sail is taffeta, available in different weights and in combination with Vectran/Technora fibers. High resistance to rubbing, tearing, bending, and UV rays are among the main features of the Marin sail.

Elvstrøm Sails: the ultra-strong sails to last a lifetime

Among the sails produced by Elvstrøm Sails there is also Alisio, which is the range designed to last a long time in perfect “hygge” style , a typical Danish word for a state of mind related to the concept of comfort, safety, coziness and familiarity. All with an eye toward cost containment. But a cheap sail does not mean “cheap.” Thanks to your choice of a tightly woven dacron/polyester fabric with cross-cut construction, and the full horizontal mainsail battens that help keep the shape when you lower the sail with lazy jack and lazy bag, you won’t have to worry about a thing.



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