Fishing from the boat, we try spinning during summer cruises

Spinning fishing

After telling you about cruising trolling, let’s tackle another technique that might come in handy during the summer vacation, spinning fishing. It does not differ much from trolling, since it is fishing with artificial lures, but we will be the ones casting and retrieving the bait from a pier, beach, or stationary boat.

Cruise spinning fishing – why it works

If we land on an island while cruising by boat, it is likely that in the warm months it will be frequented by predators such as barracuda, walleye, amberjack. Spin fishing can be a great pastime on days when we stay in port, or roadstead, and do not sail. Islands are ideal spots because they usually attract a good amount of predators and forage fish, especially during the night near the harbors, even better if in areas where the artificial light.

Spin fishing – the typical prey of summer

If we talk about harbors, islands, and spinning, there is no doubt that one of the typical prey of the summer is barracuda. Unlike the Caribbean species, the Mediterranean Barracuda is small in size although it can reach 10 kilograms in weight. In midsummer it is difficult to encounter specimens of this size, but 1-2 kilogram fish are possible.

Spin fishing – where to practice it

If fishing is allowed around the port area, an area should be sought where some artificial light is reflected in the water. Predators will be lurking in the border zone between light and dark, and that is where we will have to cast our lures.

Spin fishing – the lures and equipment

One of the examples of silicon artificials

Aiming at barracuda we will necessarily have to use so-called long jerks, which are imitations of very elongated fish, even longer than 6 inches, that are particularly attractive to barracuda. If we are not limited to searching for barracuda, silicone lures and classic Jigs, small undulating paddles made of lead, are fine. Cme equipment we will need a rod of action no less than 10-30 grams, a reel of size at least 3500 rigged with 0.16 braid, and a line that should be no less than 0.35. In fact, barracudas have deadly teeth capable of severing even sturdy wires.



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