Inexperienced crew? How to reduce the genoa with the autopilot

Let’s assume an identical scenario to the one with which we performed the previous maneuver(read here). Again, we are upwind on our 45-foot chartered boat with family and inexperienced crew. The wind suddenly rises while you were sailing on autopilot in AUTO mode. How to reduce the genoa with the autopilot?

How to reduce the genoa with the autopilot

reduce genoa with autopilot

Luca Sabiu, 43, is Milanese by birth and “a citizen of the sea by adoption since the age of 5.” Recreational vessel commander, instructor with more than 200 students to his credit, ocean professional and solo sailor long on the front lines of marine safety awareness. He collaborates with the Living the Sail Nautical School, heading the Mastersail team of excellence: his offshore sailing training courses are a unique all-around experience. He will show us, in this and future episodes, the preparation of the boat and the secrets of performing all the maneuvers in a small crew.



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