Sailing Newspaper subscription: do it now, read it now. Also by boat

subscription to the sailing newspaper
Sailing Newspaper subscription: discover formulas to read it even on a boat

You can browse the Sailing Newspaper as and where you like. Even at sea: subscribing is so easy!

There is only one way to have the Sailing Newspaper (and its entire world) available to you at all times. Even at anchor in the roadstead, even on a cruise. All you need to do is subscribe with our “Paper + Digital” super summer formula. One subscription, seven benefits worth listing.

Sailing Newspaper Subscription 2
With a “Paper + Digital” Sailing Newspaper Subscription, you have lots of benefits

A subscription to the Sailing Newspaper, seven benefits

Receive hard copies at home each month.

On your device you have immediate access to the digital version with additional content (video and web links).

Downloading the digital copy gives you free access to the archive of back issues, 2010 to present.

By subscribing you get access to the best published articles of the Journal of Sailing since 1975.

Paper and site ads are free and unlimited for subscribers.

You can browse the digital Sailing Newspaper on five devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) at the same time.

Receive by e-mail all newsletters bringing you the best of the news published in the Journal of Sailing.

What are you waiting for?

Sailing Newspaper subscription at -50%!

The Sailing Newspaper is always with you for only 69 euros per year instead of 137.88 euros with a savings of 50 percent. Do you want to subscribe only to the digital version? No problem: you can do it at 39.90 euros (instead of 47.88).



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