5 Super Classic Boats signed by “magician” Alain Jezequel (8.9 – 12.5 m)


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Speaking of Alain Jezequel; Journal of Sailing; June July 1978.


5 super Classic Boats signed Jezequel

Breton by birth, Alain Jezequel (class of 1941) is undoubtedly part of that pantheon of enlightened designers who were able to make sailing “great” in the last century, giving us designs and
Classic Boats
unprecedented. Brought up alongside the great French masters Michel Dufour and Philippe Harlé, it was later in his Italian period that he would become “great” in turn, starting with the successful collaboration with the Barberis brothers, with whom he developed the Barberis shipyard of the same name, building on the experience he had gained at Dufour with the Arpège series. An early minor success, Show 29, will come to life here, and then the consecration as “sixth-rate magician” and with the big hits of his Charlie Papa. From here, as they say, the rest is history. Here, then, are five Classic Boats signed Alain Jezequel.

Alain Jezequel

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SHOW 29 | 1973

Barberis | 8.97 x 3.02 m

It is 1973 and Jezequel is working with the Barberis brothers in the Italian shipyard of the same name. Thus was born a great little boat, the Show 29. In retrospect, the success is as evident as it was immediate, thanks to a boat that was very fast by standards, despite also presenting huge volumes for its hull of just under 9 meters. It was a small masterpiece in the style of the early 1970s.

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Barberis – SHOW 29

GRAND SOLEIL 35 | 1981

Pardo Shipyard | 11.10 x 3.52 m

With the early 1980s, Cantiere del Pardo embarked on the design of a fast, marine cruiser. A limited but highly successful partnership was born, bringing the yard into contact with Jezequel, which in this first collaboration offered a hull outside the IOR logic. Racing and ratings are not considered at all, resulting in a cruising boat that is comfortable, smart, and basically fast. Thus was born the Grand Soleil 35, an 11-meter with fine lines and strong with a deep bow, balanced by an unimpressive stern. The audience appreciates the elegant and apt design.

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Classic Boat
Cantiere del Pardo – GRAND SOLEIL 35

Classic Boats. GRAND SOLEIL 39 | 1983

Cantiere del Pardo | 12.50 x 3.76 mTwo years after the success of the 35′, the Pardo turned again to Jezequel to design a 39-foot “premium,” a boat that is both elegant and of the highest quality. The era of the “Spaghetti Swan,” top-quality, sleek, high-performance boats with a livery that was, indeed, misleading, opened. But the Grand Soleil 39 also shows how the Italians were able to make boats at the top of the quality standard, enriched with a touch of Made in Italy and the skilled hands of the Breton archistar.

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Cantiere del Pardo – GRAND SOLEIL 39 – 1983

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GRAND SOLEIL 343 | 1985

Cantiere del Pardo | 10.40 x 3.42 mIn 1985, the smaller brother of the previous two was born, the Grand Soleil 343, the last boat in the triptych that Jezequel composed for Cantiere del Pardo. Same classic lines, equal ability to be fast yet comfortable as its sisters, but updating the standards to the more contemporary 1985 standards. Thus was born one of the first examples of a boat that, despite not even touching 11 meters, can boast quality and design of the highest level.

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classic boat Alain Jezequel
Grand Soleil 343

Classic Boats. FAX | 1991

Zuanelli | 9.99 x 3.20 mWith the early 1990s, Zuanelli decided to enter the segment of fast cruising boats, the ‘performance cruisers’ ante litteram. The choice of signature falls on the brilliant skills of Jezequel, now the French master of fast cruising. The Fax emerges, a solid and safe boat, but with a deeply sporty vocation. In its way, it was the forerunner here of the deckhouse, similar to many that would take hold thereafter.

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classic boat Alain Jezequel
Zuanelli – FAX

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