VIDEO Sailor of the Year 2023, and the winner is…

sailor of the year 2023
Sailor of the Year 2023 – The final installment

Sailor of the Year, we have arrived at the moment everyone has been waiting for. Who is the Sailor of the Year 2023? Who is the sailor who has most excited us and won the most prestigious award in Italian sailing, given by the Giornale della Vela since 1991? The Jury, after you selected the finalists with your 20,841 votes on the Sailor of the Year website, has made its choice and now it is time to know the verdict.

Sailor of the Year 2023, the winner

But first a brief recap of what happened yesterday, which you can relive on video at this link: our Rachele Vitello and Mauro Giuffrè in the first episode interviewed Alessio Campriani, who crossed the Ocean on a modified Trident 16 and won the Passion award, and of Emalloru, the“Most Voted” award from the public. Then, we revealed the winners of the Innovation (Gianluca Guelfi and Fabio D’Angeli), Owner (Gianluca Grisoli) and Young (Mattia Cesana) categories.

And the winners are…

We have also written too much. It is time to find out, in the second and final installment, the winner of the event 2023. First we will meet Vincenzo Onorato, winner of the Epic Career Sailor of the Year award, then we will announce the winner(s)? We remind you that the three finalists are ocean sailors Ambrogio Beccaria, Alberto Bona and Cecilia Zorzi…

Watch the episode to find out who won. We don’t write anything down so as not to spoil the surprise….

Sailor of the Year 2023 – See who won now!

Starting tomorrow, the “after sailor” with a recap of all the winners!

The event returns in 2024…

The Sailor of the Year 2023 is in collaboration with:

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