These new space-saving compasses are great for your boat

This is the new Artica (left) and Zenith (right) compasses from Riviera Genova

Sailboats are becoming more and more modern and technological, and like them so are the command posts. It is not uncommon to see increasingly larger displays and many instruments aboard the latest generation of boats, but there is one analog accessory that still endures: the magnetic compass. Riviera Genova, a company that has been designing and manufacturing nautical accessories since 1976, has launched two new lines of slim compasses, perfect for installation even inside already “crowded” consoles.

What the new slim compasses from Riviera Genova look like

The two new slim compass lines are called Zenith and Artica and consist of four models each, with different colors to better suit any boat. Due to the small size of the ferrule, these bushings are very easy to install, even in tight spaces, with unobtrusive flush mounting. They are available either with a flat rose, which facilitates reading from above, or with a conical rose, which is perfect for reading the compass if it is mounted on axis with the view or higher, such as upside down on the t-top. Compasses
slim have a diameter of 12 centimeters and an apparent rose diameter of 8 centimeters, while the models in the
slim have a diameter of 11 centimeters and a reading diameter of 7 centimeters. Riviera Genova’s new compasses are RINA and MED certified and have a clear polycarbonate shell that resists impact, scratches, UV rays and weathering. The internal double gimbal mechanism allows the instrument to compensate for roll and pitch while ensuring its operation. They are ideal for boats between 6 and 11 meters in length.



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