5 memorable and still excellent Classic Boats (10.87 – 11.28 m)

Classic Boat
The 5 Classic Boats in this 23rd episode, big projects from 10.87 to 11.28 meters

5 Memorable Classic Boats from 10.87 to 11.28 meters

In the wake of previous articles, we continue to look at all those great boats that made sailing history between 1967 and 1997. A series of exceptional designs capable of combining production quality, design intuition and performance in a brilliant “package,” boats, in short, destined to become the icons they are today, what we call Classic Boat. Moving on from the excellent Hallberg Rassy 36 of Frers, to Jeppesen’s legendary fast cruiser, theX-372, so let’s see 5 Classic Boat (10.87 – 11.28 meters) profoundly different, but undoubtedly relevant in terms of both historical value and design.


Hallberg Rassy | 10.87 x 3.55 m | 1989 | German Frers

An archistar of the regatta and a shipyard that, on the other hand, cares very little about the regatta. A combination destined for success: 606 hulls produced. Clean, elegant lines defined by a clear and secure deck, central and protected cockpit, and advanced wheelhouse. The quality is highest and the living work excellent.

Classic Boat
Hallberg Rassy – HALLBERG RASSY 36 MKI – 1989


Pardo Shipyard | 11.10 x 3.52 m | 1981 | Alain Jèzèquel

In search of a fast, seaworthy cruiser, Cantiere del Pardo asked Jèzèquel for a hull outside the logical
. Regattas and ratings are not considered at all; the goal is a cruising boat, but one that goes fast. The result is a 35-footer with fine lines, deep bow and unimpressive stern. Elegant and smart, it is a cruising boat that is still sought after today, precisely because it is smart.

Classic Boat
Cantiere del Pardo – GRAND SOLEIL 35 – 1981

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Classic Boats. ALPA A11

Alpa | 11.28 x 2.74 m | 1968 | John H. Illingworth

Designed by the same hands that gave birth to Sir F. Chichester’s Gipsy Moth IV, the Alpa A11 was a great boat from the yard. It is distinguished in two versions, Maica and Super Maica, one following the other. Marine and safe, it will be replaced by the Alpa 11.50. Still highly regarded today, the prototype, wooden won the British RORC championship.

Classic Boat
Alpa – Alpa 11 “Squilla Mantis”


Oyster Marine | 11.28 x 3.68 m | 1978 | Holman & Pye

A high-performing one-tonner, she makes her mark already in her debut year, with a third place at Cowes Week. Despite the classic deck layout, with a flat, almost flush deckhouse, aesthetically she knows how to make herself appreciated, as well as in formed seas, thanks to her generous volumes and ample beam.

Oyster Marine – Oyster 37 – 1978


X-Yachts | 11.28 x 3.58 m | 1987 | Niels Jeppesen

After the great success of its racers, X-Yachts decided the time was ripe for a fast-cruiser. Niels Jeppesen designs the new X-372, and the expectation is not disappointed. The hull is powerful, the boat comfortable, and the performance is not lacking. After all, underneath the flotation the spirit is privateer: tapered appendages and minimal turbulence.

X-Yachts – X-372 – 1987

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Classic Boats – Comparison Data

Hallberg Rassy 36 Grand Soleil 35Alpa A11Oyster 37X-372
LOA10.87 m11.10 m11.28 m11.28 m11.28 m
LWL8.72 m8.89 m7.50 m9.50 m8.99 m
MAX BAGLIO.3.55 m3.52 m2.74 m3.68 m3.58 m
FISHING.1.87 m1.80 m1.75 m1.88 m2.01 m
DISLC.7.5 t5.5 t5.5 t7.5 t5.1 t
S. SAILING (R+G)62.90* sqm48.87* sqm44.97* sqm59.92* sqm61.97* sqm

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