5 Timeless Classic Boats ideal for small cruising (8.00 – 10.80 m)

Classic Boat
The 5 Classic Boats of this 22nd Episode (8.00 – 10.80 m)

5 Classic Boats from 8.00 to 10.80 meters

Great successes and brilliant signatures for these 5 Classic Boats, small masterpieces that marked the boating of the last century. From the legendary Alpa 9.50, designed “in-house” by the shipyard itself, to the Pretorien 35, designed by Holman & Pye, we thus see five boats that are profoundly different from each other, both in intention and in design culture, but that have stood the test of time like few others, both as excellent hulls for introducing us to sailing and as boats that, with proper skills, can take us just about anywhere. So here are five Classic Boats from 8.00 to 10.80 meters.


Neptune | 8.00 x 2.92 m | 1975 | Daniel Tortarolo

With 600 built, the success of the Trident 80 is undeniable. Born as a cruising model of the French Neptune, its great speed capabilities made it a good cruiser-racer instead. His secret? The waterline length was longer than the standard for its LOA, increasing its critical speed limit.

Classic Boat
Neptune – TRIDENT 80 – 1975


Comar | 8.50 x 2.90 m | 1977 | Groupe Finot

For this project, Groupe Finot breaks away from the Comar canon and takes a different direction. The transom is reduced; the deckhouse runs all the way over the forward cabin, highlighted by large windows. The whole project is purely rational and the goal is one: to expand the market share by creating a boat for everyone. A success, more than 400 built.

Classic Boat
Comar – COMET 850 – 1977

Classic Boats. BRIGAND 9.50

Top | 9.38 x 3.20 m | 1972 | Camper & Nicholson

The Brigand 9.50, designed by the British duo Camper & Nicholson and built by the Roman Cima shipyards, was a design characterized by remarkable safety and course stability, qualities that made it particularly popular, although not particularly fast. Notable are the forward momentum and the upright mirrored stern, on which the cantilever rudder is installed.

Classic Boat
Cima Shipyard – BRIGAND 9.50 – 1972

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ALPA 9.50

Alpa | 9.50 x 2.96 m | 1970 | Alpa Shipyards

It is an Alpa 11.50, a great success of the shipyard, in small. Alpa designs it inspired by Sparkman & Stephens’ designs for the 11.50. Born in 1970, it is therefore influenced by 1960s design with large leeway, low freeboard, small sail area. The result is a boat that favors medium-to-strong winds to ensure good sailing performance.

Alpa – ALPA 9.50 – 1970

Classic Boats. PRETORIEN 35

Wauquiez | 10.80 x 3.60 m | 1987 | Holman & Pye

Making its debut at the Genoa Boat Show, it is making quite a splash. Holman & Pye reap another great success with this fast cruising sloop. A safe, dry and rational boat designed to be experienced by 4, but also capable of accommodating 6 people. The deck is clean, with a “a la swan” deckhouse coupled with a well-protected cockpit. Volumes abound, providing stability and space.

Wauquiez – PRETORIEN 35 – 1987

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Classic Boat – Comparison Data

Trident 80Comet 850Brigand 9.50Alpa 9.50Pretorien 35
LOA8.00 m8.50 m9.38 m9.50 m10.80 m
LWL7.14 m6.80 m7.30 m9.24 m
MAX BAGLIO.2.92 m2.90 m3.20 m2.96 m3.60 m
FISHING.1.60 m1.60 m1.85 m1.86 m1.83 m
DISLC.2.35 t3.00 t3.10 t4.45 t5.89 t
S. SAILING (R+G)36.98* sqm39.48* sqm49* sqm36.14* sqm57.23* sqm

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