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The second edition of the VELA Cup Brindisi at the Brindisi Marina was a success. Apulian sailors participated in the most fun regatta in the fleet! Accompanied by a beautiful sunny and windy weekend, the first taste of a summer that is just around the corner, 36 competitors out of 55 registered managed to complete the course within the time limit. In the evening, as per tradition, we celebrated the winners (and those who got lucky in the draw) all together with drinks and music in the square of the Brindisi Marina.

VELA Cup Brindisi


All Photos

Now, as promised, it is time to relive the regatta (organized in collaboration with Marina di Brindisi, Circolo della Vela Brindisi and Lega Navale Sez. of Brindisi) for images. Click on the link below to access the official VELA Cup gallery where over 500 photos await you!

See all the photos of the VELA Cup Brindisi


Feel free to download and share them! Now let’s take a look at the winners and final rankings.


Total registered boats: 54
Total boats arrived: 36


Flash, Andrea Milizia, Farr 39 IMS


Soft, Cosimo Distante, Dufour 40

Veneziani Yachting special prize with Speedy Carbonium antifouling and Adherpox primer

Verve Camer, Luigi Ancora, Comet 50 Carbon Race

See all the photos of the VELA Cup Brindisi



CLASS 2 (7.51 to 11 m)

1 First Moon, Marco Neviani, 1982 Show 29.

CLASS 3 (11.01 to 13 m)

1 Flash, Andrea Milizia, 1992 Farr 39 IMS.

CLASS 4 (13.01 to 15 m)

1 Jonathan Livingston, Capodarco Community of Nardò “Father Gigi Movia,” Turkish shipyard in 1985


CLASS 1 (up to 11 m)

1 2Alfa2, Giuseppe Cazzato, Gs 34.1; 2 X-Lion, Leone Pellè, X-35; 3 Gallo Cedrone, Paolo Perugino, Beneteau Platu 25; 4 Ariel, Delio Monaco, Dehler 34.

CLASS 2 (11 to 12 m)

1 Flash, Andrea Milizia, Farr 39 IMS; 2 Shaula, Dario Gaetani, Grand Soleil 40 R; 3 Blu Fantasma, Federico Gagliano, Beneteau First 40.7; 4 Morgan, Andrea Labia, Grand Soleil 40; 5 La Pirata, Sergio De Mauro, Bavaria 38 Holiday.

CLASS 3 (12 to 14 m)

1 Apollo2, Giovanni Marangon, Pogo 4; 2 Lothian Sky, Eugenio Gazzaneo, Hanse 455; 3 Relax, Francesco Cinque, Bavaria 430 Lagoon.

CLASS 4 (over 15 m)

1 Verve Camer, Luigi Ancora, Comet 50 Carbon Race; 2 Buena Vista, Luigi Pannarale, ICE Yacht Felci 61; 3 Bandido, Ernesto Amtmann, ICE Yachts FC70RS.

See all the photos of the VELA Cup Brindisi



CLASS 1 (up to 9 m)

1 Prima Luna, Marco Neviani, Barberis Show 29; 2 Saturn, Stefano Olivieri, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 29.2; dnf Sobines, Lucio Ricciardi, Feeling 286 Special; dnf Sankara, Adriano Peccerillo, Samourai Mk1.

CLASS 2 (9.01 to 10 m)

1 Isola, Mirko Miglietta, Ziggurat 995; 2 Alkaid, Antonio Caforio, Dufour Arpege; 3 Renée, Antonio Trabacca, Alpa 9.50; 4 Kairos, Tommaso Fischetto, Alpa 9.50

CLASS 3 (10 to 11 m)

1 Jujuberry, Vincenzo Fiori, Elan 333; 2 Black Pearl, Maurizio Ciullo, Bavaria 33 Cruiser; 3 Ator, Costanzo De Padova, Comar Comet 1050; 4 Ideefixe, Roberto De Milito, Dufour 32 Classic.

CLASS 4 (11 to 12 m)

1 Mattone, Antonio Lisi, Marchi 39; 2 Baruffa, Agostino Penta, Delphia 40; 3 S…irene, Francesco Carabotta, Oceanis Clipper 373; 4 Rumaway, Przemysław Markowskim, Bavaria 39 Cruiser; dnf Acquaria, Sergio Dell’Anna, Dufour 385 Gl.

CLASS 5 (12 to 13 m)

1 Soft, Cosimo Distante, Dufour 40; 2 South Breeze, Guido Bianco, Beneteau Oceanis 43; 3 Birba, Riccardo Gismondi, Beneteau Oceanis 43; 4 Neapolis, Vito Micelli, Beneteau Oceanis 393; 5 Occhidolci, Ambrosone Azzollini, Beneteau Oceanis 43; 6 Ginevrasia, Sergio Rollo, Bavaria 39 Cruiser; dnf Marco Navazio, Marco Navazio, Amel 41 Euros.

CLASS 6 (13 to 16 m)

1 Momix, Luigi De Bernardo, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49; 2 Jonathan Livingston, Comunità di Capodarco di Nardò “Padre Gigi Movia,” Jonathan; dnf Dama dei Venti, Ernesto di Pietro, Beneteau 50.

See all the photos of the VELA Cup Brindisi


The special prizes of the VELA Cup Brindisi

Jonathan Livingston of the Capodarco Community of Nardò “Padre Gigi Movia,” a wooden boat built by a Turkish shipyard in 1985 and seized from the Mafia, wins the Elegant Boat award reserved for the most beautiful and elegant boat of each stage, regardless of the result.

Last but not least, Roberto De Milito’s Ideefixe, a Dufour 32 Classic, wins the special prize for the last real time finisher, showing tenacity and determination to complete the course to the end.

See all the photos of the VELA Cup Brindisi


Vela Cup Brindisi – Prizes to be raffled off

Those familiar with the VELA Cup know: there are lots of raffle prizes up for grabs. The Garmin InReach Mini 2 two-way satellite communicator was won by Antonio Trabacca (owner of the Alpa 9.50 Renée), while the lucky winner of the Leatherman Wave®+ multipurpose and maintenance kit was Maurizio Ciullo (owner of the Bavaria 33 Cruiser Perla Nera). The SUP raffled off by Jobe (Italian Nautical Supplies) was won by. Leone Pellè (owner of the X-35 X-Lion), the 100 euro voucher to spend on from Roberto de Milito (Dufour 32 Classic Ideefixe), the jacket YachtIngBond from Tommaso Fischetto, Alpa 9.50 (Alpa 9.50 Kairos).

See all the photos of the VELA Cup Brindisi


VELA Cup – See you in La Maddalena on June 24

Did you enjoy yourselves? If the answer is affirmative then all we have to do is to rendezvous on Saturday, June 24 in La Maddalena, a sailing paradise at the center of the archipelago of the same name that we could call the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. The heart of the VELA Cup La Maddalena will be the new Piazza XXIII Febbraio, in the center of the town. While competitors’ boats will be hosted free of charge throughout the weekend in the ports of Cala Gavetta and Cala Balbiano.

Sign up now for the VELA Cup La Maddalena


The VELA Cup La Maddalena is open to all types of racing and cruising boats (no need for cards or certificates), with no age restrictions, bureaucracy or technical complications. There are prizes for everyone, including special prizes for the most elegant boat and the last runner-up. Lots of raffle prizes offered by our sponsors such as the Garmin Mini InReach 2, a Jobe Leona 10.6 inflatable Sup kit, a voucher worth 100 euros to spend on, a Leatherman multifunction knife and a jacket raffled by YachtIngBond. Everyone can win, from first to last. Don’t miss this fabulous event!



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