GUIDE – Outboard transmission. Okay, but which one do I choose?


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The time to change the outboard motor for the tender is often right at the beginning of the summer season. When you return to the boat, you realize that it would be better to change and upgrade the tender’s engine, and often you hastily run for cover. Thanks to this guide you can figure out which outboard motor is right for you and not be found unprepared when it comes time to change.

Heat engine VS Electric motor

The gasoline thermal engine is still the most popular outboard engine to power the tender. This is because it has undoubted advantages: it is practical, usually inexpensive, and allows a good range to cover even long distances without refueling. In addition, several gasoline outboards are very powerful, allowing them to push even large tenders with multiple passengers on board.

Counterbalancing the benefits of the heat engine are the environmental factors, which are now also crucial to consider in the boating world. Electric motors are becoming more powerful, have batteries that last longer and weigh less, which is why they are slowly making their way aboard many vessels. In addition to the environmental benefits, which allow those who mount an electric outboard to enter some marine protected areas, there are also economic benefits. In addition to being quiet and emission-free, in fact, electric motors are much less prone to wear and tear than thermal motors, and they last longer. Last factor to consider: with an electric motor you avoid the inconvenience of gasoline cans to keep on board, which take up avoidable space and weight.

Why Choose an Electric Outboard – In Brief

  • Reset pollutant emissions and noise
  • The weight is low
  • Batteries always last longer
  • No maintenance required
  • You can enter some marine protected areas
  • Power is comparable to that of thermal engines

Temo 450 – The electric solution for motorizing the tender

Temo 450
is a space-saving, lightweight(less than 5 kg), quiet and environmentally friendly electric outboard motor, perfect for powering the tender. It is assembled in very few moments, just connect it to the fitting and attach the safety hook. Thanks to the telescopic rod (130 to 170 cm), you can choose to have a short-stemmed or long-stemmed motor, while the manual trigger at the handle operates the electric propulsion by setting the propeller in motion. To recharge the motor, simply plug it into 220 V or a 12 V outlet (with optional 12 V charger) without having to remove the battery. Full recharging take 3 hours and the range is about 80 minutes, while the in-water power of 200 W allows it to propel boats up to 500 kg in weight and 3 meters in length. It is therefore perfect for powering dinghies, but also other boats such as dinghies or kayaks. Here you can see all the electric motors for sale at SVB Marine to see which one is right for you.

GUIDE – Find the right outboard for you

Finding the right outboard motor for your needs is not easy. There are those who seek an engine with a lot of range, those who prefer it light, those who want it powerful, those who use it only in freshwater ponds, and those who want it electric io thermal. To navigate through the different models, also considering the price variable, a very useful tool is SVB Marine‘s guide, with tests and comparisons of all the models within the store.

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