Sailor of the Year: over 18,000 votes, one day to poll closing

Sailor of the Year 2023
Some of the nominees for Sailor of the Year 2023.

This is it, just 24 hours to go until the close of online voting for the Sail Newspaper’s Sailor of the Year 2023, which will determine the finalists in the various categories in the competition. Then the ball will pass to the Quality Jury of the Journal of Sailing, which will name the winners. There are 18,153 votes cast by the public so far, and at the close of voting we will already know who will be the winner of the Most Voted award, which right now seems to be firmly in the hands of sailing Youtuber Emanuele Malloru with over 3100 votes.

Support your candidate for Sailor of the Year and win!

We told you that this 32nd edition of the most prestigious award in Italian sailing given by the Giornale della Vela since 1991 is also special to you supporters. In fact, if you send us your “endorsement” (support for an application) you can win some great prizes raffled off by Garmin Marine(HERE we explain prizes and rules).

We remind you that you have two chances to send in your endorsement by June 14:

  • By writing an email (signed) with reasons why you should win Sailor of the Year to
  • Filming a selfie-style video in which you express endorsement and motivation, posting it on Instagram tagging @jornaledellavela and with the hashtags #velistadellanno or #velistadellanno2023
  • The top 7 endorsements, chosen by the Journal of Sailing jury, will be rewarded with two Garmin quatix 7 sailing smartwatches and five state-of-the-art Garmin InReach two-way satellite receivers.

Please note: we will not necessarily choose the endorsements of the candidates who turn out to be winners, or even just the 60 candidates in the race. You can speak out for whomever you want: it will be the manner and transport with which you do so that will make the difference!

How it works.

We were talking about so many novelties being inaugurated in this 2023 edition, starting with the candidates, who are 60 instead of 100 as in the past, in order to aim from the outset for a pool of sailors with a higher quality. The division into categories remains, but only one, Sailor of the Year, competes for the first prize, which will be awarded by the Sailing Newspaper jury along with those in the categories Passion, Young, Owner, Innovation. The other changes as you will read below concern public participation.

Step 1. May 22-June 5

  • Everyone will be able to cast a vote for each category (max 5 votes), subject to email entry. The public vote is binding, paxe to the finals the top 3 vote-getters in each category from which the Sailing Newspaper Jury will choose the final winners. The candidate who has taken the most votes overall will automatically win the Most Voted audience award.

Step 2. June 15/16

  • In two video installments on our Youtube channel, social media and our website we reveal who are the winners chosen by the Sailing Newspaper jury and interview them for you in an unmissable “vela-talk.”
  • Episode 1:
    Thursday, June 15, 9 p.m.
    . Interview with Passion and Most Voted award winners. Announcement of the winners of the Owner, Young and Innovation awards

  • Episode 2:

    Friday, June 16, 9 p.m.
    . Interview with the winner of the Sailor of the Year and Vincenzo Onorato, Epic “lifetime achievement” award.

The Sailor of the Year 2023 is in collaboration with:

PIRELLI, FROM TIRES TO SAILING. The historic Milanese manufacturer of car, motorcycle and bicycle tires is a global brand recognized for innovation and technology. Also historical passion for various sports, including sailing. A bond that has lasted since the 1970s and continues today aboard “Luna Rossa” in the America’s Cup and “Alla Grande Pirelli” in the solo ocean challenge.

GARMIN MARINE ITALY, A PARADISE FOR YOUR BOAT. The Italian division of the global electronics giant provides you with all of Garmin’s marine products to equip your boat with the latest technology and to always navigate in total safety.





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