Nine accessories perfect for summer boating

Experiencing a vacation on a boat is unique in itself, and the experience of being in the middle of the sea night and day is unparalleled. But to truly experience a boating vacation to the fullest, there are plenty of accessories, equipment and toys on the market that can amplify the beauty that the sea and the boat already provide. For example: how many boat owners do not have an SUP on board? By now probably none, since they are found almost everywhere in the Mediterranean. For those who don’t want to paddle though, or for those who want to try a different experience, there is an accessory-still not very popular-that becomes a real engine for the board. It easily mounts aboard any SUP and is operated with a small remote control: it propels the board up to 6 knots of speed! Vacation means relaxation, and so here is a brilliant accessory to make additional livable space in the boat are platforms. Inflatable or not, they are perfect for practicing yoga, pilates, or just lying down with some quiet time away from the boat and the rest of the crew. To make a vacation go at its best, safety is key. There are small accessories that can come in very handy even on vacation, such as the tool that makes any smartphone a satellite phone, also useful as an SOS locator. Or the thermal imaging camera that allows you to identify heat patterns, and the radar that tells you how deep the water is with just a click. If you are afraid of energy consumption on vacation, why not install a hydrogenerator? It recharges your batteries while you are sailing, and you don’t even know you have it on board. Happy boating vacations!

Scout TK, FLIR – Thermal Camera

boat accessories
Scout TK, FLIR – €649

Monocular thermal vision viewer that can identify any heat source (animal or not) more than 90 m away. You can also record photos and videos in the internal memory. How helpful to find a man at sea at night!

WR Backpack, Slam – Suitcase Backpack

WR Backpack, Slam – 132 €

Lightweight, water-repellent TPU backpack with dedicated internal laptop pocket. Rolltop closure and padding on shoulder straps and removable waist closure. Capacity: 35 liters.

Vaquita, Epropulsion – Motor Sup.

Vaquita accessories
Vaquita, Epropulsion – 839 €.

With the Vaquita kit you can motorize any SUP and push it up to 6 knots using a remote control. It weighs 4kg and the battery lasts 70 minutes at full power.

LPS-1, Vexilar – Portable Sonar

boat accessories 2023
LPS-1, Vexilar – $170

Handheld digital depth sounder, useful both on the boat and when exploring the vicinity in SUP or tender. Just point it toward the bottom and press a button to know what depth you are at.

Bot 2, Out Of – Change lens in a second

Bot 2, Out Of – €349

Eyewear equipped with electronic Zeiss lens with high contrast and high dynamic range. Thanks to a sensor, the brightness of the lens adapts and changes in 1 second according to natural light conditions.

Boat accessories. Manta Floating Mat, Jobe – Relaxing on the Water

Manta Floating Mat, Jobe – $349.99

Floating modular mattress for experiencing relaxing moments in the water. When closed it measures small and is self-inflating. Measurements when closed: 20 x 52 x 75 cm. Measurements when open: 150 x 300 x 6 cm.

Boat Accessories. Wave 3GS, Remoran – Recharge going sailing

Wave 3GS, Remoran – $2,799.95

Ultra-quiet hydrogenerator to recharge shipboard batteries while sailing. It generates up to 300 W at 12 knots and starts generating power as early as 3 knots. From the app, for example, charging status and current are monitored.

Bivy Stick, ACR Electronic – Smartphone? No, satellite

Bivy Stick, ACR Electronic – 368 €.

Tiny device (11.35 x 4.7 x 2.11 cm) that makes the smartphone a worldwide satellite tracker. The rechargeable battery provides up to 120 hours of operation.

Boat Accessories. Jfit inflatable platform, JbayZone – Yoga in the middle of the sea

Jfit Inflatable Platform, JbayZone – €349

Do you wish to practice yoga, fitness or pilates in the middle of the sea but there is not enough space in the boat? You can use this inflatable platform, which measures an impressive 218 x 91 x 15 cm for 11 kg in weight.



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