5 “small” Classic Boats outstanding even today (7.11-7.92 meters)

From the small FUN 23 to the FARR 740, here are the 5 “small” Classic Boats from 7.11 to 7.92 meters in this 1st supplemental episode

5 Classic Boats from 7.11 to 7.92 meters

That not all boats are equal, let alone worth the same, we have now gone into this in depth(HERE). The big difference is the quality of the design, the signature, and the uniqueness of the boat. A set of features that can define a boat as a Classic Boat, i.e., a jewel, as long as it is mass-produced and made of fiberglass between 1967 and 1998. With our Classic Boat Manifesto we introduced you to 100 boats identified as having “historical value,” 100 memorable classic boats. Reading each of your emails and suggestions, now, we have updated this list with 25 new boats. So here are the first, 5 Classic Boats from 7.11 to 7.92 meters.

FUN 23

Jeanneau / Ranger Yachts / Lillia | 7.11 x 2.44 m | 1982 | Joubert & Nivelt + Alain Forgeot

Born to do fleet racing with boats all the same, excellent design by the most emblazoned French designers of the time. A simple, elementary recipe: planing hull, three sails and guaranteed speed. It is a winning formula right from the start because it provides an intuitive, immediate and fun boat with a moveable drift. There are still many on Italian lakes.

Classic Boat
Jeanneau / Ranger Yachts / Lillia – FUN 23 – 1982


Nytec | 7.20 x 2.48 m | 1987 | Silverio Della Rosa

Small, planing and versatile. The Nytec 23 is trailerable, performable, and could be lent to small cruising as well. A boat for everyone, whether for racing or outings along the coast. Beautiful and practical cockpit, self-emptying and with the mainsail traveller close to the helmsman, almost as if it were a “shunt.”

Classic Boat
Nytec – NYTEC 23 – 1987

Classic Boats. SAMOURAI

CNSO | 7.40 x 2.40 m | 1968 | Michel Bigoin & Daniel Duvergie

With 800 units built, CNSO finds the Samurai the formula for success. A pure 1960s-style project, it is quick, fast and (for the time) even habitable. A serious, valued and undoubtedly marine boat. In 1974, in fact, a couple sailed there from Fiumicino to the Antilles. This is enough to understand this little French woman.

Classic Boat

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FARR 740

Plastivela / Sea Nymph Boats | 7.40 x 2.29 m | 1980 | Bruce Farr

Aesthetics do not make performance, which is what Farr looks to in designing this little fireball that satisfies those who simply wanted to go fast, all the time. It is a boat that is taken to the limit, always easy at the helm, confident. A fun dayboat that lent itself to nautical camping.

Plastivela / Sea Nymph Boats – FARR 740 – 1980


Mallard | 7.92 x 2.67 m | 1979 | Jean Marie Finot

Frenchman Jean Marie Finot, very young in ’78, designed himself and had theEcume de Mer, an aluminum Quarter Tonner built by Royal Huisman. The Mallard shipyard immediately understood the merits of the design and obtained to mass-produce it in fiberglass. From ’69 to ’80 it will produce 1385 examples. Striking numbers and two Quarter Ton Cups won, in 1970 and ’72. Outstanding.

Classic Boat
Mallard – ECUME DE MER – 1979

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Classic Boats – Comparison Data

Fun 23Nytec 23SamouraiFarr 740Ecume de Mer
LOA7.11 m7.20 m7.40 m7.40 m7.92 m
LWL5.46 m5.80 m6.63 m5.87 m
MAX BAGLIO.2.44 m2.48 m2.40 m2.49 m2.67 m
FISHING.1.62 m1.10 m1.20 m1.70 m1.52 m
DISLC.0.850 t1.15 t1.6 t1.36 t1.81 t
S. SAILING (R+G)22.58* sqm30.4* sqm23.41* sqm23.88* sqm25.73* sqm

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