Orbit Winch Ronstan, the new lightweight and “easy” aluminum winches

Orbit Winch Ronstan - 2
Ronstan’s new Orbit Winch in action

Since 1953, when
Ron Allatt and Stan Lenepveu created Ronstan, it had never happened that the company, world-renowned for its deck equipment, launched its own range of winches. That is why the arrival of Ronstan’s Orbit Winch is news. An aluminum product developed from the experience of Danish Andersen winches, a brand acquired by Ronstan in 2005.

Secrets of the new Ronstan Orbit Winch

Oriented to the highest performance, Ronstan Orbit Winches come to the market with characteristics of absolute excellence.

In terms of construction, Orbit Winches feature billet machined aluminum stems, aluminum drums, and proven and efficient gears, borrowed as we told you from the Andersen winch design, features that make them lighter than winches in the same range .

The smooth surface of the drums is complemented with special machining, called Power Ribs, which provides improved line grip, along with minimal wear and tear, with lower line entry onto the drum.

Ronstan Orbit Winches also offer important advantages from a maintenance point of view, as no tools are required to disassemble the top of the winch for their inspection and maintenance.

Orbit Winch Ronstan - 1
The range of Ronstan winches

Orbits, in sizes 30QT and above, also feature the QuickTrim system: this functional innovation allows the sailor to easily and safely let go of the line tension, to make minor adjustments to the sail, without removing the winch handle and without removing the line itself from self-tailing.

Learn more about Ronstan’s new winches

The full range of Ronstan Winch, available in sizes 20ST (for 6 – 10mm lines, maximum load 550kg), 30QT (and 40QT, is already available on the SpecialRig store, exclusive distributor of Ronstan Sailing products for the Italian market.

By visiting SpecialRig’s Orbit page, you can get more information and review data sheets for each product.



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