Classic Boats: many great little masterpieces. Here are your ‘old’ glories

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Here are 4 of the hundreds of Classic Boats you have sent us, you can find them all under the Menu “Your Classic Boats”

Your Classic Boats

On the occasion of our initiative dedicated to celebrating and enhancing the
Classic Boats
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we asked you to tell us about your boats-series and non-series-and you have done so by the hundreds, enriching the page dedicated to them (you can find it HERE), an online archive where anyone can enter, tell, and see their Classic Boat celebrated (we explain it all HERE). In light of this large turnout and, indeed, to celebrate and highlight so many of these great boats-as in the previous article-wetake the opportunity here to talk about individual boats, your boats, telling their history and characteristics.

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Entering your boat of historical value is super easy. Just enter data and description of the boat. The editors will publish it in a very short time.

Giorgia Now or Never – Genesis 43

When Vallicelli Studio designed the Genesis 43 for Comar in 1990, surprise abounded. No one had ever dared so much, and thus was born a boat born to break the mold, with a design never seen before, full of components made exclusively for her, unobtainable otherwise. The result is unique, an out-of-the-box project full of ingenious solutions. Production would go on in no small measure, underscoring the success of this hull, so much so that Giorgia Now or Never-which you can read more about HERE-iseven produced in 1998, almost a decade after the first launch.

Giorgia Now or Never – Genesis 43

Daphne – Arpège

Daphne -which you can read about HERE-was born in the Dufour shipyards in La Rochelle in 1974. It is an Arpège, hull No. 1029, a figure that alone symbolizes the immense success of the series, first launched in 1967… It thus belongs to an emblematic project, a stroke of genius by the great engineer Michel Dufour, who was able to conceive a radical change in nautical design. The beam is wide, increased, the righting coefficient follows in paro pace, and so does the waterline length. It is a boat that indelibly revolutionized shipbuilding, even finishing second in the 1969 Transpacifique, just behind Tabarly’s Pen Duick V. Not bad considering the just 9.25 meters overall…

Daphne – Arpège

Classic Boats. S3pitosa – Selection 37

An 11.35-meter designed by Joubert & Nivelt that was originally created as a one-design racing yacht, budgeted at just 50 examples, ideally to replace the Rush at the Tour de France in ’84. However, the result is astounding, the success unexpected. Jeanneau will build 251 of them, discovering a boat that is highly valued among cruisers. Fast and safe, it offers some deck solutions that make it depopulated, above all the double access to the interior, with a tambour in the cockpit and one on the deckhouse. S3pitosa, which you can find HERE, was launched in 1988, a Royal Tour de France model, sportier than the alternative, the master version, where interior volumes and furnishings are more cruise-like.

Classic Boat
S3pitosa – Selection 37

Mirit – Grand Soleil 39

Mirit is a Grand Soleil 39, or what, harking back to pop culture, used to be called a “Spaghetti Swan”: flush deck, blue-swept deckhouse, and elegance to spare, compounded by premium quality and Jèzèquel’s incredible lines. Remarkable bow momentum, mirrored by a less pronounced stern, inverted and narrowed forehand. The maximum beam inevitably abounds, but it is set back toward the middle of the boat taking full advantage of the IOR regulations of the time. Read HERE to learn more about Mirit.

Mirit – Grand Soleil 39

Keep sending us your boats, find all the information you need HERE, and we will take care to publish and tell your story with all the respect they deserve.

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