Giovanni Soldini lands in cinema. Sydney Sibilia’s docufilm in 2024.


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Giovanni Soldini

Giovanni Soldini? We will see it in theaters in 2024. From the ancient ports of the Mediterranean to the stormy beaches of the Atlantic, from the islands of the Caribbean to the vast Pacific, the China Sea and the bays of India sailing the ancient trade routes: Soldini undertakes a journey around the world of more than 44 thousand miles (aboard his trimaran Multi 70 Maserati) for a great new adventure shared online stage by stage and recounted in a docufilm shot by Sydney Sibilia, a director on the crest of a wave already the author of “The Island of Roses” and “Mixed by Erry.”

Giovanni Soldini between science, adventure, ecology

A scientific route and an ecological enterprise before sports for the navigator who goes in search of the Sea, the heart and cradle of life on the planet, the regulator of its climate and the first producer of oxygen, with the aim of learning about the real state of health of this immense, but not unlimited resource through the voices of scientists and those who live, study and work in contact with the phenomena that affect it.

The narrative of this extraordinary feat grows, develops and focuses around the multimedia publishing platform

, created by QMI and Greenland, now online. An articulated logbook, which aims to become a reference point for issues related to to the sustainability of the seas, and will gradually be enriched with exclusive content, video materials, research, information, meetings and testimonies from experts from around the world and ordinary people committed to safeguarding the Planet.

Sydney Sibilia’s docufilm

An adventure that will then find its most spectacular visual and emotional expression in the docufilm-directed by Sydney Sibilia and produced by QMI, Greenland (with Leonardo Godano as executive producer) and Medusa Film and exclusively on Prime Video from 2024. Breathtaking scenery, sporting regattas and a more intimate tale of Giovanni Soldini, made up of memories, special encounters, friendships, challenges and passions that will also reveal untold traits of a life dedicated to the sea. An entirely carbon neutral project certified by Zen2030.

The launch of the portal, just days before World Environment Day on June 5 and World Oceans Day on June 8, underscores the urgency of reversing course to avert catastrophe and preserve the Ocean and the entire Planet and to ensure a just existence for current and future generations. To do so, the project uses a dual narrative: that of the real journey to follow stage by stage in some of the world’s most fascinating and sensitive marine areas, and that of a scientific journey, through expert evidence studying the consequences of the climate crisis and designing a more sustainable future.

The platform has two goals: to create a focal point for ocean health and climate change issues and Build a community of people interested in doing their part in the fight against environmental degradation, intensive exploitation of resources, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

Conservation and protection of the Ocean is one of the challenges and priorities globally, so much so that it is among the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda; therefore, it is crucial to observe, measure and quantify the changes taking place in the Sea. Soldini’s trimaran, fully sustainable and equipped with an electric motor and solar panels, fulfills this task. In fact, it is the first racing trimaran equipped with Ocean Pack instrumentation, making it a true floating oceanographic laboratory, capable of measuring temperature, salinity, connectivity, and carbon dioxide concentration in surface waters, all of which, once collected, are validated and made available to the scientific community.

This year the trimaran Maserati Multi70 will take us around the world on a scientific route, on a journey of environmental reconnaissance. We will collect useful data to monitor the health of the Ocean, meet with teams of scientists and specialists, find out what solutions are being studied, what defenses we are devising, what regeneration processes we can activate, and how we can employ technology to expand and accelerate action against the impact of climate change. The Ocean can provide us with many answers and inspire many decisive actions“, Giovanni Soldini explains.

Soldini will traverse sea regions full of charm but compromised, where the damage inflicted on the Planet is already tangible. Along the way, he will meet with activists, researchers, research organizations and nongovernmental bodies engaged in environmental preservation and sustainability, and from the discussion with them will be generated materials and content, intended for the platform, social networks and the docufilm.

The structure of Around The Blue, the “online logbook”

The platform , certified for carbon neutral sustainability by Up2You, features an interactive planisphere and a logbook on the homepage that allow you to follow Giovanni Soldini’s voyage stage by stage: from the Mediterranean Sea, departing from La Spezia, to the Atlantic, passing through the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean-from Panama to Baja California, the Sea of Japan and China, to the Straits of Java and Sumatra and South Africa, ending in Europe.

Each time a new stage is completed, specific content will be unlocked on the map. Also in the home, there will be data collected through on-board instrumentation as well as data related to achieved goals. Each stage is focused on sustainability and told through fact sheets, videos, audio, and materials collected and edited specifically for the portal.

The scientific content of the portal is organized into three thematic areas: the loss of biodiversity with environmental overexploitation (intensive fishing, habitat destruction, alien species…), chemical and industrial pollution derived from human activities (plastics, microplastics, oil, agriculture…), climate change in which the sea is an active and passive player (ocean acidification, melting of ice and rising coastal waters, erosion, slowing of currents, warming of waters).

Each of these sections includes interviews with scientists and experts such as members of the project’s scientific committee: Annalisa Bracco, Professor of Oceanography and Climate and Co-Director of the Doctoral Program in Ocean Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech e Antonello Provenzale, Director of Research and Director of the Institute of Geosciences and Georisources of the CNR.

And then again, among others, Roberto Danovaro, internationally renowned marine biologist and ecologist and full professor of ecology at the Polytechnic University of Marche in Ancona, Claudio Rossi, professor of Electric Propulsion Systems at the University of Bologna, Luca Ferraris, vice president of CIMA Foundation and Lecturer in Hydraulics at the University of Genoa, Paola Tepsich, marine biologist and Lecturer in Biology at the University of Genoa, and many others around the world. During the expedition, partners and fellow travelers united by the platform’s mission, such as the already confirmed Ogyre, Amref Health Africa, Sea Shepherd, and CIMA Foundation, will metaphorically come aboard.

Another section of the portal tells about the people involved in studying the marine environment and protecting the Ocean: from the engineer at the University of Bologna who made the battery that stores the energy of Soldini’s trimaran to the environmentalist in Malta, from the German volcanologist in Lanzarote to the Sea Shepherd guys to the NOAA men we met in Puerto Rico and the fishermen in Baja, with pictures and videos about the places and the inhabitants of the seas: whales, turtles, dolphins, fish, coral reefs… Wild nature and incredible scenery, which the docufilm will capture along the navigation.

The docufilm with Soldini

Sydney Sibilia ‘s docufilm will chronicle Giovanni Soldini’s live-action adventure aboard the trimaran Maserati Multi70. The filmmaker’s keen eye will investigate the origin of an indefatigable sailor’s inexhaustible desire to compete, a free spirit with a passion for nature and challenges, tracing through archival material his first solo crossings in the 1990s, his competitions with professionals and the many records he won. Then again, his crew, encounters, and friends who marked a career and a life out of the ordinary.

Giovanni Soldini docufilm

A great journey and a great communication project led by Giovanni Soldini to amplify the message that in the face of the climate emergency there are no roles or boundaries and that everyone can feel engaged in a single planetary mission: to change course for a better future .

“Everything is precious on a boat: water, energy, food, and every resource is carefully managed. By sailing you learn this right away, but with the electrification of the trimaran I realized that waste could be reduced even further and certain limitations turned into strengths. So we came up with new ideas, found original solutions, and by the end of the process, in addition to achieving the autonomy we sought, we had accomplished a cultural revolution. In a small way I saw happening what we need to make happen on a collective level to change course together.” Soldini concludes.

“From the meeting and discussion with Giovanni Soldini, two different communication tools took shape, the digital platform and the docufilm. Two tools with different potentials for a twofold purpose: to focus attention on the environmental urgency and responsibility of each of us and at the same time to narrate an extraordinary life against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery. Specifically, the AroundTheBlue editorial project aims above all to focus attention on the issue of sustainability, showing the current state of health of the Ocean and the daily efforts of people on the front lines of the struggle to safeguard it through concrete solutions. A virtual journey around the world in the company of Soldini and many experts, which will last until 2024, when the docufilm will be released.” Thus Giovanni Cova, president of QMI.

“Participating in this project for Medusa Film has not only a cinematic value, it is also a support for urgent issues for our land: the health of the sea and taking concrete steps toward sustainability. Giovanni Soldini and Sydney Sibilia will make a project with a truly unique visual and emotional vision. But what will make this docu-film even more special is the combination of the spectacular footage and Soldini’s intimate narrative, which will allow us to learn about previously unseen aspects of a life dedicated to the sea.” Thus Giampaolo Letta, vice president and CEO of Medusa film.

“Sydney Sibilia with his crew climbed aboard a unique trimaran, as fast as it is essential, to tell an adventure between an emotionally rich past and a present made of unexpected encounters, wonders of nature and sailing technology. A live-action voyage of discovery and knowledge led by Giovanni Soldini, who will sail around the world in a race against time to preserve the Oceans and the entire Planet. A sustainable production will ply the seven seas, gliding over the waves and launching its message of challenge for a better future.” Thus Leonardo Godano, Executive Producer of Greenland.

Giovanni Soldini’s journey

Below is the indicative timetable for the phased release of content on the platform (periods indicated are subject to change):

  • Shipyard and La Spezia: May 30-July 16
  • Syracuse: July 17-July 23
  • Malta: July 24-July 30
  • Gibraltar (passage): July 31-Aug. 6
  • Canary Islands-Lanzarote: Aug. 7-Aug. 20
  • Atlantic Crossing Lanzarote to Grenada: Aug. 21-Aug. 27
  • Caribbean Sea: Aug. 28-Nov. 5
  • Crossing and Panama Canal: November 6 – November 12
  • Sea of Cortez: November 13 – late November
  • Pacific Ocean: all of December

Who is Giovanni Soldini

Giovanni Soldini was born in Milan on May 16, 1966, and began sailing as a child.

He has 25 years of ocean racing behind him, including two solo round-the-world races (the Around Alone, won in 1999 and made history for the rescue of Isabelle Autissier, and the 1995 Boc Challenge, where he qualified second in the 50-foot class), six Québec-Saint Malo (one won in the monohull category), six Ostar (two wins, 50′ and 40′ class), three Transat Jacques Vabre (one win in the 40′ class) and more than 40 trans-oceanic races.

Aboard the Vor70 Maserati set important records such as the Cadiz-San Salvador record (2012) and the New York-San Francisco Gold Route (13,225 miles in 47 days, 42’29”), as well as participating in 2 Transpac Races, finishing 2nd in the monohull class in the 2013 edition.

In 2014 he took first place at Cape2Rio, also setting a new record in 10 days, 11 hours, 29 minutes, 57 seconds. The following year he participated in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, finishing the race in 4th position.

In 2016, after an intense three years on the Vor70 Maserati, a new challenge began for Giovanni Soldini and his team with Maserati Multi 70, a return to the multihulls on which he had crewed the 60′ trimaran Tim.

In 2018, aboard Maserati Multi 70, he won the Tea Route record on the Hong Kong-London route, covering 15083 miles in 36 days, 2 hours, 37 minutes and 12 seconds. The same year he won Multihull Line Honours aboard Maserati Multi 70 in both the Rolex Middle Sea Race (with a time of 2 days, 11 hours, 54 minutes and 58 seconds) and the RORC Transatlantic Race (with a time of 6 days, 18 hours, 54 minutes and 3 seconds).

In 2019, he participated in the 11th RORC Caribbean 600 in February aboard the Maserati Multi 70, winning Multihull Line Honours and taking the multihull record with a time of 1 day, 6 hours, 49 minutes and 0 seconds. In May, he participated in the first CA 500 and, in July, in the 50th Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac). Finally, in October, he participated in the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Nha Trang Rally.

In 2020 Giovanni Soldini and the Maserati Multi 70 team will participate in Cape2Rio in January and the RORC Caribbean 600 in February. In July they return to La Spezia, concluding their second world tour in 3 1/2 years. In October they participated in the Rolex Middle Sea Race and won the Line Honours, crossing the finish line first in 2 days, 8 hours, 31 minutes and 31 seconds.

In 2021 he set five new records aboard the Maserati Multi 70: Monaco-Saint Tropez (2 hours, 25 minutes and 44 seconds), Monaco-Porto Cervo (7 hours, 50 minutes and 44 seconds), Plymouth-La Rochelle (12 hours, 15 minutes and 21 seconds), the Cowes-Dinard Channel record (4 hours, 30 minutes and 49 seconds) and the record on the original Fastnet route (23 hours, 51 minutes and 16 seconds, becoming the first to complete the route in less than 24 hours).

In 2022 he won the Line of Honour in the RORC Transatlantic Race and finished second in the RORC Caribbean 600; in the Mediterranean he won the Three Gulfs Regatta and qualified third in the Rolex Middle Sea Race. The 2023 season opens with a speed record at the RORC Transatlantic Race. Soldini’s sporting activities are complemented by a major program to transform the trimaran, which is now equipped with a full electric system and sails in total energy autonomy.

Maserati Multi70 – Giovanni Soldini ‘s zero-impact trimaran

“Thefact that a racing boat that travels so many miles can in some way help the scientific community better understand what’s going on at sea is valuable,” commented Giovanni Soldini. “We have to act, but we cannot proceed except by educating ourselves, studying, observing and mapping the mechanisms that govern the ocean. It would be nice if an ever-growing fleet joined the research by accelerating the progress of knowledge and action collective.”


  1. Notes and insights on electrification:

How much energy does Maserati Multi70 produce independently? The SOLBIAN panel system has a peak power rating of 4.5 kilowatt hours., but typically on a boat 50% of the panels are in shade due to sails, and in winter the hours of high sun with a good insolation angle are few.

However, early tests at sea have verified that even in overcast and sunless conditions the system is so efficient that it amply produces the daily energy needs.

When the plant produces more than it consumes, the energy is stored in a very advanced and very dense (capacity for the same weight), thus very light, lithium-ion battery made by LIBER, a University of Bologna spin-off led by Prof. Claudio Rossi.

In poor insolation conditions and even while maneuvering in harbors or channels, the system runs on battery power. The battery stores 12 kilowatt hours , which is enough to cover the boat’s consumption while sailing for 3 days in the absence of solar panels. A nice margin in sailing conditions.

The panels in turn produce about 5 times the energy the boat consumes while sailing and in a few hours recharge the battery to 100 percent. This allows the boat to arrive in port after sailing with ample range for maneuvering with an electric motor and the battery between 70 and 100 percent (the range depends on the hours of daylight before turning on the motor, so if the boat arrives at dawn leaving the night behind, the battery will be less charged, while in the afternoon the peak will be maximum).

The 15-kilowatt electric motor, which is also highly advanced, was developed by engineer Igor Gioffi (a pioneer in the field of electric boating), and is battery-powered.

No fossil fuels are on board.

  1. Monitoring and data collection


TheOCEAN PACK (SubCtech) is a German-made machine that pumps seawater into a circuit, filters it through a membrane that extracts CO2 from it. Carbon dioxide is then measured by the system, which through various sensors also allows for the analysis of temperature, salinity, and water connectivity. Once collected, the data is stored on an SD card and sent to the onboard central computer, while the water is returned to the sea. Maserati Multi70 is the first racing trimaran equipped with Ocean Pack.



21.20 m

maximum width

16.80 m


6 tons approx.


4.50 m

Wing-shaft height

29 m

Sail surface upwind

310 m²

Carrier sail sup.

409 m²

Battery density

close to 200 watt-hours x kilo

Battery weight

70 kg approx.

SOLBIAN solar cell surface

20 sqm approx.

Carbon support wing profile



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