What you can find in the June 2023 issue of the Sailing Journal

Finally. The June issue of the Sailing Newspaper (issue #531, from back in 1975!) is on newsstands and digitally by downloading our free app(here if you have iOS, here for Android). We tell you about it in advance.

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How to become a better sailor

Becoming good at boating is possible at any age. We explain how to do it, where to do it, on which boats, and what outlets it offers you.

Special Rental 2023

Guide to the many options on the market today for renting a boat, from traditional chartering to boat management. With or without a skipper.

Second-hand guide

The used market has exploded post-pandemic. We ourselves live the situation closely, because our ad market is stormed every day and is more active than ever. Here are the tools to better navigate your way through used cars.

Finally the Ocean at 60

He didn’t have to run away from anything, he just wanted to fulfill his dream: to cross the ocean. So Nicolo puts an ad online to find boarding and finds himself in South Africa aboard an Oyster 625 to the remote island of St. Helena.

Accessories to take to the boat for summer

Nine accessories to have on board this summer. You put them on the boat, they make your cruise fun and turn your vacation around!

Discovering wild Spain

Dreamy destinations and landings for a perfect boating vacation between Spain and the Balearics!

Comparison of 55 feet – Luxury Cruiser

New models from 54 to 56 feet (16.50 to 17.50 meters in length) offer apartment-like volumes thanks in part to widths that now reach 5 meters. From standard to custom models, here’s what’s on the market.

Our Evidence – Cape 31 One Design

Among the trials of the month is the “author’s” one (signed by Marco Cohen) of Mark Mills’ very fast 9-meter one-design that has finally arrived in Italy and has been a huge success abroad.

SAILING School – Back to basics!

The indispensable fundamentals that every good sailor must know taken from our “SAIL School” video lessons.

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