How to choose the rudder wheel. Carbon or fiberglass?

Carbonautica double rudder wheel on the Grand Soleil GS44
Carbonautica double rudder wheel on the Grand Soleil GS44

On boats it is present as an alternative to the tiller for steering and rudder control. We are talking about the rudder wheel, or rather rudder wheels, since most boats today, even small ones , have double wheels. There is a wheel manufacturer that has become a leader in this market, it is called
and produces them in carbon and fiberglass composite.

Carbonautica: very light carbon

Carbonautica‘s carbon rudder wheels have a monocoque design, are extremely light and easy to handle, and can be customized. The wheels come in different sizes and with four different spoke designs, and in addition to being functional they also have a look very pleasing minimalist that goes well with modern boats.

The carbon alternative that saves you money

Fiberglass makes it possible to have products with an extremely low weight, approaching that of aluminum, but with a lower price. Handling fiberglass composite wheels also returns sensations quite similar to when handling aluminum wheels. Carbonautica offers them in four different variants. Standard 5- and 3-spoke variants are joined by 3-spoke Sport and Elegance variants. There are many possibilities for customization; GFC( Glass Fiber Composite) rudder wheels can be made in the colors that best match the style of the boat on which they are to be installed.



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