The charge of 64 at the Solaris Cup (May 25-28)

Solaris Cup - 3
All set for the Solaris Cup 2023 (May 25-28)

Big celebration for all the boats from the Solaris shipyard, one of the excellences of Made in Italy boating. Indeed, everything is ready for the ninth edition of the Solaris Cup. May 25-28, 2023 in Porto Rotondo, the event organized by Solaris Yachts with the support of main partners B&G, Iren and IWC, and the collaboration of the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club and the Marina of Porto Rotondo.

Solaris Cup 2023, who will be there

There are 64 hulls from the Aquileia shipyard that will take part in the 2023 edition. The event schedule includes Friday and Saturday dedicated to the Solaris Cup, and Thursday and Sunday to sea trials.

Fleet as diverse as ever that well represents the shipyard’s production and holds high the family spirit that has long linked owners and shipyard. On the water to compete among the buoys in the Gulf of Porto Rotondo the full Solaris range, from the big 111 Cephea to the small and very fast 37′. The lion’s share to the 50- to 64-foot segment (twenty 50′, seven 55′, three 58′, two 60′, and as many as five 64RS registered to date). The ‘oldest’ at sea will be the glorious 1985 Solaris One Bluette while the youngest, the 50′ Amica, launched just in 2023 and will be in good company with 19 other hulls of the same size.

“It is a great honor for the shipyard to return to the waters of Porto Rotondo for the ninth time – so Gianluca Neri CEO of Solaris Yachts -. and with such large numbers that well reflect the trajectory of the site. We have grown, expanded our range, while maintaining quality and team spirit that unite us more and more with our owners and friends. The Solaris Cup encompasses all of this, and we are ready to celebrate at sea and ashore the start of the summer season with an event that is even more thoughtful in every detail, just like our boats“.

For the competitive part, racing will begin on Friday at 12:00 noon and will take place on coastal routes that will be decided according to weather conditions. Saturday’s second round will be followed by the awards ceremony at 7 p.m. The entered hulls will race in ORC Class.

The programme

  • May 25

Check- in and Sailing Test;

  • May 26

10:00 a.m. – Skipper Meeting;
12:00 – Regatta Start;

  • May 27

10:30 a.m. – Skipper Meeting;
12:30 – Regatta Start;
7:00 p.m. – Awards Ceremony;
20:00 – Flying Dinner & Crew Party;

  • May 28

Sailing Test.



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