5 Unforgettable Classic Boats from 14.58 to 15.25 meters

Classic Boat
The 5 boats in this 18th article, Memorable Classic Boats from 14.5 to 15.2 meters

5 Classic Boats from 14.58 to 15.25 meters

In the space of about 30 years, from 1967 to 1997, the past century saw the design and construction of nothing short of memorable boats, the daughters of brilliant minds and enlightened shipyards. Of these, some have become real gems, milestones in sailing and fundamental to shipbuilding as we know it today. Among them, unforgettable models such as the Swan 48, signed Sparkman & Stephens, or theHallberg Rassy 46, signed by Frers. Classic Boat outstanding and part of this our 18th episode. Here, then, are five Classic Boats from 14.58 to 15.25 meters.


Nautor Swan | 14.58 x 4.19 m | 1975 | Sparkman & Stephens

The quintessential Sparkman & Stephens signature Swan: unmistakable retractable deckhouse, narrow, almost ‘heart-shaped’ stern, elegance to spare. Undoubtedly one of the most elegant and marine boats of the second half of the 1970s. Produced in 70 examples, it is a Classic Boat jewel.

Classic Boat
Nautor Swan – Swan 47 – 1975


Nautor Swan| 14.60 x 4.15 m | 1971 | Sparkman & Stephens

The sixth design of the Swan yard, it was produced in 46 examples. It was the first Swan in a long series to feature the unmistakable retractable deckhouse, an iconic trademark of every subsequent design. Designed to race IOR, it is now a great boat for cruising. Elegant as a few.

Classic Boat
Nautor Swan – Swan 48 – 1971


Hallberg Rassy | 14.78 x 4.35 m | 1995 | German Frers

Produced in over 130 examples, she is the second offspring of the H.R. / Frers pairing. Same safety and ease of operation as the first, but with extra large volumes to be ultra comfortable. In short, another round-the-world boat. In the year of the launch he won the Yacht of the Year award. Deserved.

Classic Boats from 14.58 to 15.25 meters
Hallberg Rassy – HALLBERG RASSY 46 – 1995

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Classic Boats from 14.58 to 15.25 meters. BALTIC 50

Baltic / Vismara | 15.24 x 4.34 m | 1997 | Tripp Design

This is the late 1990s, Baltic turned around and relied on a dream team consisting of Italian Alessandro Vismara and American Bill Tripp. A design was born, produced in 11 examples, that is an example of a timeless boat, still relevant today.

Classic Boats from 14.58 to 15.25 meters
Baltic / Vismara – BALTIC 50 – 1997

Classic Boats from 14.58 to 15.25 meters. GRAND SOLEIL 50

Pardo Shipyard | 15.24 x 4.30 m | 1993 | Doug Peterson / J&J

Unrecognizable, it looks like it was not designed by Doug Peterson. There is a reason: the Slovenian duo J&J also has its hands in the running project. A boat is born that is a very pure Grand Soleil of the period; it is a treat precisely because it is a hybrid. It was very successful, with 40 launched.

Classic Boats from 14.58 to 15.25 meters
Cantiere del Pardo – GRAND SOLEIL 50 – 1993

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Classic Boat – Comparison Data

Swan 47Swan 48Hallberg Rassy 46Baltic 50Grand Soleil 50
LOA14.58 m14.6014.7815.24 m15.24 m
LWL11.05 m11.3611.90 m13.30 m12.19 m
MAX BAGLIO.4.19 m4.15 m4.35 m4.34 m4.30 m
FISHING.2.38 m2.36 m1.88 m3.33 m2.25 m
DISLC.14,696 kg16,329 kg16,500 kg9,300 kg12,500 kg
S. SAILING (R+G)98.38* sqm95.88* sqm100.00* sqm123.56* sqm119.84* sqm

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