This 25-meter Italian boat is a concentrate of elegance and style

Advanced A80

At nearly 25 meters (80 feet) in length , theAdvanced A80 is the big sister of theAdvanced A66 and A66S and theAdvanced 44, pending the upcoming Advanced A62 project. It is a boat made to an Italian-American design, with a really important beam that makes it a perfect blue-water boat for cruising around the world.

Advanced A80. Comfort and elegance with Italian style

Behind the team that conceived the Advanced A80 are American naval architects John Reichel and Jim Pugh along with Italian yacht designers Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino. Aboard the Advanced A80, the maximum beam (6.20 meters), which is rather appopposed, guarantees immense interior space while maintaining a streamlined deckhouse, the signature of the Nauta Yachts studio.

High performance and generous volumes are the results the design team set out to achieve in designing the Advanced A80, a vessel with high performance and great reliability to be classified as a true blue water yacht capable of sailing around the World in any sea and wind situation. Comfort, elegance and seduction are three of the many sources of inspiration that defined the design of the
Advanced A80
. Large aft volumes are combined with deck geometries that convey the ideas of speed, efficiency, and contemporaneity.

Extra comfortable interior

For the interiors, the designers studied three different solutions: aft master cabin: a 6-meter-wide full-beam cabin with a central double bed flanked by two sofas (or a sofa and a study area) and equipped with two bathroom areas. With a simple and ingenious system, this large space can be divided to make two independent cabins, each with two single beds and its own bathroom. Two single-bed midship guest cabins complete the boat’s overnight accommodations. Exclusive atmospheres and attention to detail characterize the interiors of the A80, in which light and spaciousness enhance the unmistakable Italian design



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