Flood, boat massacre in Romagna. What’s happening VIDEO


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Heavy rain and high winds, flooding is bringing Romagna to its knees. On the coast, the sea invaded the beach, all the way to the bathing establishments, and some flooding rivers overflowed causing even boats moored in the harbors to break their moorings. The greatest damage was in Gatteo a Mare where several boats ended up in the sea and on the rocks.


Disaster in Gatteo a Mare: piers break loose, dragging 16 boats into the sea

A massacre! Heavy swell and rising rivers broke boat moorings in Gatteo a Mare. Driven by the force of the Rubicon current, boats washed out to sea and onto the rocks. All 7 of the Marina’s floating docks have come loose, a huge loss for the small Marina in Gatteo a Mare, which only last month had managed to get its concession renewed and an installment of the payment of back fees. Although most of the boats had been secured (there were 40 boats on the docks) there are 16 boats adrift that have hit the reefs, with the owners seriously concerned because they do not know if they will be able to retrieve them and at what price.

Romagna flooding. Some boats sink in Bellaria’s canal port

Although there was not as much damage as in Gatteo Mare, upstream of the Bellaria-Igea Marina Canal Port, beyond the drawbridge of the Uso River, three boats dropped their moorings and sank. These are the smaller boats whose owners were unable to reach them in time to secure them. Dragged away by the force of the raging river, one of them went overboard and shattered on the rocks.

How can this phenomenon be explained?

But what has happened in recent days to create what some have already called “the perfect storm” in Emilia-Romagna? We had this explained to us by meteorologist, the face of Meteomed, Riccardo Ravagnan: “
The cause is to be found in the pressure pattern of the past few days
“, Ravagnan begins. “Heavy rains already occurred a few days ago, with oceanic fronts having reached Italy, creating a low-pressure area. A phenomenon called a “stationary front” capable of maintaining itself over time, thanks to the particular baric conjuncture (of continental-scale pressure), positioned in central Italy. The rest was taken care of The orography of our territory. Apennines, hills, and Alps have acted as a barrier to the front in some places, diverting flows and creating de facto “discharge zones” – Emilia-Romagna-where the violent rainfall phenomena were concentrated.“.

Continues Ravagnan: “Then, two days ago, the arrival of the Afro-Mediterranean depression vortex, over already debilitated central Italy, with the ground saturated and unable to drain the additional wave of rainfall, kicked off the flooding phenomena. In addition to the natural inability of the soil to drain, it must be said, anthropogenic activity on cementing, etc., is also complicit…“.

Is this phenomenon a result of climate change? Responds Ravagnan, “I would say that there have always been extreme phenomena, they have always occurred even in more or less recent times, climate change is evident in the extent of the frequency of these phenomena.”

Emilia Romagna flooding. Milano Marittima North evacuated

It is breaking news that the Municipality of Cervia has issued an evacuation alert for the areas of Milano Marittima north of the tributary channel in all ground floors of homes, due to the rupture of the Savio River and the rising of inland channels. Currently at the Port of Cervia and Milano Marittima, which we contacted, no critical issues are reported.

Giacomo Barbaro and Eugenio Ruocco



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