The VELA Cup Brindisi is just missing you! Learn about the members

Saturday, June 3, the second edition of the
VELA Cup Brindisi
, the regatta in which everyone can participate without bureaucracy or complications: whoever arrives first, wins! A long weekend (there is June 2 bridge) of celebration and lots of fun. For those from out of town, there is free mooring offered by the Brindisi Marina. There are still three weeks to go but there are already so many people registered for this sailing festival, let’s find out together!

All the stages of the VELA Cup 2023

Who are the first entrants in the VELA Cup Brindisi

We start with the local crews, based at the Brindisi Marina, For them, registration for the VELA Cup is free! Some people do it as a family, like Occhidolci, Ambrosone/Azzolini’s Oceanis 43, andGiuseppe Bottacci’s Oceanis Clipper 323, or with friends such as Isola, the Ziggurat 995 (an inflated version to be more habitable than the legendary Ziggurat 916) of 3 owner friends with ladies in tow. But there are also crews of affiated racers preparing to fire the Gennaker and Spi into the air, such as Blu Fantàsia, Federico Gagliano’s First 40.7.

VELA Cup 2023

Several crews are coming from outside: Taranto, Gallipoli, Son Foca (Lecce), but not only. XA, a 1988 ULDB 53-an ultralight semicostum Classic Boat (only 8,000 kg for 16 meters of boat) -by Luca Marconi, arrives from fin Venezia to participate in the VELA Cup!

There are owners who are great lovers of the sea and sailing such as Ariel, Delio Monaco’s Dehler 34 (whose boat name was chosen by his daughter!), and Acquaria, the Dufour 385 GL by Sergio Dell’Anna, known as “the poet” for the way he tells his love story with his boat “Acquaria and I met a couple of years ago, it was love at first sight! She’s a young lady who has curls, and like any woman with curls, she occasionally throws a tantrum! But it is beautiful and eye-catching and loves the carrying wind. Sideways and upwind is a bit naughty! We go far and the Mediterranean in summer we sail! If we are in the dock, get on and drink with a rhyme!”

All the prizes of the VELA Cup Brindisi. Here’s what you can win!


And it is their own passion that also moves those slightly more mature “ladies” of the sea: the Classic Boats. In addition to competing for their category (Cruising or Sport Boat) and grouping (based on length) from this year they also compete for the special prize dedicated to those boats over 25 years old. Among them, in addition to XA and Isola, are cruising boats such as Relax, Francesco Cinque’s Bavaria 430 Lagoon, comfortable boat with rich mahogany interiors, and racing like Rats on fire, a quick Farr40 1996, and Flash, legendary Cookson Farr 39 winner of numerous IMS regattas at the world level with Terry Hutchinson-the king of sailing in America-and Mauro Pelaschier at a Copa del Rey, among others, at the helm.

“Flash” (formerly “Flash Gordon”), the first prototype of the FARR series with the same name and owner from which the highly successful Farr 40 series descended



To register for the VELA Cup Brindisi all you need to do is
enter here
and finalize your registration by entering your and the boat’s details!


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