Boat rental summer 2023, what you need to know


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boat rental 2023
Boat rental 2023, everything you need to know

Lhe possibility of chartering the perfect boat for every need exists today. In this article we will tell you in detail about the new 2023 boat rental solutions.

Boat rental, the solutions for the summer

From classic bareboat charter with a configuration that prioritizes comfort over sailing, to skippered charter for no worries. But there are also solutions to satisfy the desire of the experienced sailor who wants to sail as much as possible with a performance hull. And there are also solutions for those who want to use boating vacations to improve their sailing skills.

But that’s not all, today with a change of perspective on the idea of chartering, thanks to boat management and sharing formulas, we can charter a boat that is actually our boat and is also a fruitful investment. In short, small, large, comfortable or very fast there is a charter boat for every taste, let’s take a look together at the solutions the boat rental market offers today. In summer, but not only that.

Rental and lease, differences

But first a necessary premise for clarity. For the Italian boating code chartering and leasing are not the same thing. Simplifying:

Lease: delivery of the hull to a third party, without crew, typically carried out by charter companies. It will be the lessee who will be concerned about having a person on board who is qualified to operate the unit (with a boat license).

Chartering: requires the crew or hostess (registered with seafarers) and a captain with the professional maritime title of pleasure boat operator to be on board.

Occasional chartering: Boat owners, after registering with the revenue agency and captain’s office, may charter and drive their own vessel, up to a maximum of 42 days per year.

Boat rental, the 6 market solutions

Okay, now we can deal, in detail, with the six modes of boat rental that the market offers.

1. Lease without a skipper

The classic method of having a monohull or catamaran sailboat up to about 18 meters in length available for a defined period of time is to lease it from a charter company. You choose the time and place where you want to sail, locate the company with available boats in your preferred area, choose the model, and book one or more weeks. A crew needs to be formed, deposits need to be recovered from the participants, and a boat license needs to be obtained, because chartering, according to the boating code, does not require a skipper or crew.

2. Lease with skipper

If you do not have the skills to run a charter boat without a skipper or simply want to relax on vacation without having skipper duties, there is a solution. Charter companies make available, upon request, names of sailors, who also have licenses and who have skills to perform the duties of skipper of the charter boat if required.

3. Boat rental with skipper and/or crew

The charter formula, normally reserved for boats larger than 18 meters, most sought after today is skippered and/or crewed/hostess boats. Two types are offered: charter with professional skipper/crew on board with hotel-level services.

Or we talk about casual chartering, where the owner is the skipper of the boat. Many of the sites that offer bookable boat days, are intermediaries, facilitating contact between customers and those boat owners who operate as casual hirers with the Owned boats.

The occasional charter contract is then entered into between shipowner and guest; the online intermediary only transfers the amount paid and has no responsibility for sailing.

4. Renting to learn how to do more

It is not called a charter but is basically an alternative way to board a sailboat, as crew and perhaps stand at the helm, is that offered by sailing clubs and sea schools that run itinerant instructor-led sailing courses, sometimes even in a flotilla.

Instructor-led sailing educational itineraries are offered as sailings or “experiences” sometimes combined with team building, bachelorette parties, sunset photo shoots, and collaborations with sports associations in SUP, fishing, yoga, freediving etc etc.

5. Renting your own boat

There is the possibility of renting a boat that corresponds precisely to all our needs, of the yard and model and performance chosen by us. It is called “our boat,” and we can rent it….through a management program.

This is not a play on words, but it is a change of perspective. With boat management programs or boat sharing, we can make the investment of choosing a boat, configuring it, and outfitting it. We let it be managed by a charter company, which will share an income from it when we are not using it, and we will lease it at the times we wish. But in essence, it’s like we can rent whenever we want, the boat of our dreams!

By renting “our boat,” we will be the most privileged charterers because we can a priori define the periods of use and choose in which port, among the available nautical bases, we will find it ready to sail (international management companies offer the possibility of sailing our boat, an equivalent or higher all over the world). We can be the ones to move it wherever we want in agreement with the management company, sailing wherever and whenever we want, even to participate in regattas.

We will know what to expect, and most importantly, we will know perfectly the characteristics of our boat when we are at sea. In the long run, compared to the classical charter, we will save money. Tenancy issues will disappear. At the end of the program typically lasting from 5 to 8 years, we can either redeem the boat or start over by investing in a new boat and chartering again.

6. Renting a performance boat

The above formulas satisfy the demand to go to sea with a boat, including a sailboat, but not necessarily.

This desire to sail as the main element of the vacation is for those who have years of sailing or racing experience, dreaming of a vacation aboard a boat whose priority is to experience the pleasure of sailing in all conditions, even becalmed or with sustained wind. The fast cruising models, viz. Light and maneuverable boats, rigged with sails performers, trolley of mainsail and jib, bowsprit, and why not a Code 0 to sail all the time, even when others are motoring, are hard to find in traditional charter offerings. But new charter companies are emerging that offer performance boats.

To conclude: Boat as a service, which means renting a service or our boat

The concept of chartering has thus evolved into “boat as a service.” We no longer rent just a boat, but a platform on which to meet our tourist, educational, and recreational needs, and finally, thanks to boat management, it is for all intents and purposes possible to rent the dream boat for even the most demanding sailors: you are no longer obliged to rent not just any boat, we can set up and rent our own boat.



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