USED BOATS: 5 “vintage” vessels from 5.80 to 9.30 m on sale


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Used vintage boats 5-9 m
The five used “vintage” boats, from 5.80 to 9.30 m, for sale on our classifieds marketplace

We keep going to discover the best used boat bargains on our classifieds marketplace. Here you can sell and buy used boats, accessories, berths, find the right idea for your vacation, and even look for and offer jobs! Today we have scouted for you five “vintage” used boats under 10 meters, and therefore exempt from registration, from 5.80 to 9.30 meters.

Five used “vintage” boats from 5.80 to 9.30 m

These are five used boats perfect for both getting started and for family fun and cruising. With a few of them you might get some good satisfaction in regattas as well. They are all built between the late 1960s and 1980s. We present them in ascending order of length. A safe used car: guarantees the Sailing Newspaper!

Elan 19 – 5.80 m – The perfect entry level of used boats

The first of the small used boats for sale on our marketplace is a “mignon” gem from the 1980s, perfect as a first boat. We are talking about an Elan 19 (5.80 x 2.49 m), a small cruiser designed in 1985 by the Slovenian firm J&J (and remained in production until 1991).

Used boats - Elan 19
Used boats – Elan 19

This is a versatile boat, easily trolleyed since it has a movable centreboard and external hanging rudder, as well as a collapsible mast. The construction is solid and safety is ensured by a very low center of gravity. Armed at 7/8, the ratio of sail area (23 sq m) to displacement (650 kg) denotes good performance. Maneuvers are simple and essential, the cockpit is functional while below deck the interior can accommodate four people.

The model we offer is from 1986 and can be seen in Cecina. Well maintained, with Yamaha 6-horsepower outboard motor and complete set of sails, it is sold at a very attractive price.

USED BOATS. Etap 20 – 6.05 m – It was a resounding success

We continue with the second of the small used boats for sale in our marketplace. TheEtap 20 (6.05 x 2.30 m) was one of the most successful boats of the Belgian Etap shipyard: as many as 1,000 examples were launched of Van de Stadt’s 1975 design. A bestseller that remained in production until 1992.

Used boats - Etap 20
Used boats – Etap 20

His secret? The maneuverability and ease of handling, making it perfect as a “first boat,” great for short cruises and family outings, as well as solo.

The boat, equipped with a movable centreboard, collapsible mast and easily trolleyable, is lightweight (only 680 kg). The special feature that distinguished the Etaps was the guarantee of unsinkability, due to a special construction technique.

The restrained and streamlined interior has a kitchenette, a V-shaped berth in the bow, two side couches that can become (albeit a bit small) two additional beds for children, and a central folding table.

The model for sale, which can be seen in Magione (on Lake Trasimeno), is in excellent condition and has two sail games and a 2.5 hp Yamaha outboard motor. Very good price.

Jeanneau Sangria – 7.60 m – Small big bestseller

The third of the used boats for sale on our marketplace is another big bestseller from the. A Jeanneau Sangria (7.60 x 2.70 m) that Philippe Harlé designed in 1969 as the first hull of the French shipyard, which would go on to become one of the great nautical brands. The boat remained in production until 1982 with a total of 2,150 hulls launched.

Used boats – Jeanneau Sangria

The success of this small cruiser, a true icon of 1970s sailing, lies in its solid construction and not bad living space for a 7-meter. Four berths, a center and chart table (both folding down), galley, toilet, refrigerator, and a cabin height of up to 1.80 m (6 ft.) are located below deck.

The boat travels well both upwind and to portals (displacement of 1,800 kg for a sail area of 23.6 sq. m.) and its handling is stable and safe, perfect for first family cruises.

The model we propose, which can be seen in Marina di Pisa, is from 1979. In good condition, completely repainted in 2018, it is powered with 11-horsepower inboard, comes with sail clearance, and has installed a stern platform.

USED BOATS. Barberis Sciacchetrà – 8.00 m – Comfortable, fast, “French”

We continue with the fourth of the small used boats under the lens: a Barberis Sciacchetrà (8.00 x 2.65 m) which, with the Sangria we just told you about, shares the designer, Philippe Harlé. It was the first mass-produced boat from the Barberis Shipyard in La Spezia and one of the first of “wide distribution” in Italy.

Used Boats - Ships
Used Boats – Ships

It is a typical example of a French-style boat that combined habitability and good sailing performance: not surprisingly, in the fourth IOR class, it won many races and this contributed in no small part to its success in the market.

Pronounced bow slope, “heart-shaped” stern make it stable (even in the stern) and bolinier. The regatta version lacked the prominent deckhouse that characterizes the cruising versions. Below deck, they find space in the bow for a V-shaped berth, then two at the stern broadside, and the saloon with central table, bench to starboard, bathroom and galley to port.

The model for sale, visible in Chioggia (Venice), is from 1973, cruising version. In very good condition.

Varvet IW 31 – 9.30 m – The Sparkman & Stephens “touch”

We close with the last, largest, of the unregistered used boats in today’s review. A distinctive Nordic boat signed by the ingenious Sparkman & Stephens: the Varvet IW 31 (9.30 x 2.70 m). One only has to scroll through the data and see the waterline length (6.70 m) to understand the shape of the hull, which is characterized by significant leaps and the typical sleek lines that characterize S&S’s late 1960s boats.

Used boats - IW 31
Used boats – IW 31

A fast boat even in light winds, half-tonner par excellence, 350 examples were built at the Orust site of the Swedish shipyard.

This is a nice Classic Boat 8the design is from 1968), also because the equipment, of the model for sale, is original (apart from the new Lombardini engine, from 2019). The boat has always been impeccably maintained, the interior was restored in 2016, and the exterior refit is from 2018. The boat has always sailed and been moored in fresh water (it can be seen in Salò): every winter it has been sheltered in the shed, so the state of preservation is not in question.

Edited by Eugenio Ruocco

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