5 Classic Boats ranging in value from 12.09 to 12.62 meters

The five boats in this 14th episode, Classic Boats from 12.09 to 12.62 meters

5 Classic Boats from 12.09 to 12.62 meters

From the great IMS monotypes, such as the Farr 40, to the “Spaghetti Swan” of the 1980s Cantiere del Pardo, this 14th episode of our series on the
100 Classic Boats of Historical Value
will touch on boats that are also very different from each other, both in terms of their intended use and historical period. A good mix to really realize how much, in less than 20 years, the sailing world has changed. In short, 5 more really big boats, 5 Classic Boats from 12.09 to 12.62 meters ideal for exploring the many names and shipyards that characterized 1980s and 1990s sailing.


Oyster Marine | 12.09 x 4.14 m | 1980 | Stephen Jones

The British shipyard Oyster is just starting out and venturing into the world of “big” (for the time) boats with the 41. A beautiful cruiser/racer influenced by IOR rules and featuring a semi-flush deck and unusually wide stern is born. It will be produced in 27 examples, from 1980 to 1987, demonstrating the already proverbial Oyster quality.

Classic Boats
Oyster Marine – OYSTER 41 – 1980

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J-Boats | 12.19 x 3.66 m | 1994 | Johnstone

It is the progenitor of the “cruising and racing together” philosophy of U.S. -based J-Boats and its father and master Johnstone. Simple lines in the name of essentiality, ease of maneuvering even with only two people on board. Low freeboard, low deckhouse and not too much width are the hallmarks of the J-120, which has as many as 230 hulls to its credit in “just” 12 years of production. Icon of the American way to sailing.

Classic Boats J 120
J-Boats – J/120 – 1994


Carroll Marine | 12.41 x 4.03 m | 1997 | Bruce Farr

It was the one-design class of excellence for a decade, the one in which all the great champions competed. But it is also a unique one-off object, like a vintage Ferrari or Porsche. Its intended use today is to provide thrilling sailing sensations on day trips or regattas, where it can, among other things, still have a say.

Classic Boats FARR 40
Carroll Marine – FARR 40 – 1997
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Cantiere del Pardo | 12.50 x 3.76 m | 1983 | Alain Jèzèquel

They called it the “Spaghetti Swan” because it had similar coloring to that of the Finnish shipyard, but the Grand Soleil 39 shows instead how the Italians were able to make “premium” boats with the Made in Italy touch. The design is by that genius Frenchman residing in Italy named Alain Jezequel.

Cantiere del Pardo – GRAND SOLEIL 39 – 1983


Barberis | 12.62 x 3.96 m | 1981 | Andrea Vallicelli

Andrea Vallicelli designs the “Blu Show,” an exceptional IOR that wins several regattas in the Two Tonner class. The Barberis shipyard contacted him and the Show 42 was born, a boat that is not only beautiful and fast, but also very livable.

Classic Boats selection
Barberis – SHOW 42 – 1981

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Classic Boats – Comparison Data

Oyster 41J/120Farr 40Grand Soleil 39Show 42
LOA12.09 m12.19 m12.41 m12.50 m12.62 m
LWL10.26 m10.52 m10.75 m9.65 m10.46 m
MAX BAGLIO.4.14 m3.66 m4.03 m3.76 m3.96 m
FISHING.2.08 m2.13 m2.60 m1.92 m2.10 m
DISLC.7,748 kg6,035 kg4,945 kg8,300 kg8,400 kg
S. SAILING (R+G)72.46* sqm102.84* sqm61.97* sqm79.06* sqm

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