Axiom 2 Pro: the new ultra-powerful display you control the way you want

Axiom 2 Pro - Raymarine
Axiom 2 Pro – Raymarine

The display Axiom 2 Pro is the most powerful multifunction display ever made by Raymarine. Its performance is provided by a 6-core internal processor and 64 GB of internal storage, which accompany the very bright and visible IPS display. In fact, thanks to its features, the screen of the
Axiom 2 Pro
is visible from virtually any viewing angle and even in bright sunshine. The display finish is made with HydroTough, a nanoparticle film that repels water and allows the display to be used even with wet hands or when it rains.

Axiom 2 Pro: Touchscreen or physical keyboard?

The S version of the
Axiom 2 Pro
is the one designed specifically for sailing and smaller boats, while the RVM(Real Vision Max) version is the one designed for fishing, with an integrated 600W/1kW chirp. The diplay is available in three different sizes for both versions: 9, 12 and 16 inches. Another great advantage of this new display is that it is a hybrid multifunction, which can be controlled from both the touchscreen and the physical keypad on the side of the screen, with programmable keys or dedicated autopilot keys. The dual control allows the user to choose between the more intuitive but less comfortable mode with boat under sail, the touchscreen mode, and the more precise mode in difficult conditions, namely the keypad. On closer inspection, however, the control is not just dual, because thanks to the Raymarine app available on iOS and Android any smartphone or tablet becomes a secondary display with all the functions of the primary chartplotter. This function allows you to control from anywhere on the boat the powerful multifunction display Axiom 2 Pro simply by taking advantage of your smartphone.

In addition to chartplotter, depth sounder, radar, autopilot and video functions, theAxiom 2 Pro also integrates several smart functions. Indeed, from the display one can control the onboard home automation available through Raymarine Link, or use installable third-party apps such as Netflix and Spotify.



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