5 Classic Boat masterpieces from 11.56 to 11.81 meters

The 5 memorable Classic Boats of this 12th episode, small masterpieces with great predigree

5 Classic Boats from 11.56 to 11.81 meters

Among the
Memorable Classic Boats
, inevitably, some have remained better known than others, either as a project in their own right or because of the shipyard or signatures that brought them to life. In this twelfth episode we have several, going through Italian, Scandinavian and overseas shipyards. In short, from theAlpa 11.50 to the Swan 38, we will see some of the shipyards that have made sailing history, and with them the great designers who designed their masterpieces in this review. Going by Sparkman & Stephens, Cuthbertson & Cassian and Peterson, here are five more memorable Classic Boats from 11.56 to 11.81 meters.

ALPA 11.50

Alpa | 11.56 x 3.20 m | 1967 | Sparkman & Stephens

For those who love the classic boat with elegant clean lines from the late 1960s, with great leaps and bounds, and signed by the kings of designers of its time-Sparkman & Stephens. It was built in large series by Alpa, the largest Italian mass-produced boatyard of the time.

Alpa – ALPA 11.50 – 1967


Nautor Swan | 11.66 x 3.52 m | 1974 | Sparkman & Stephens

Big forward leaps, narrow stern, and that deckhouse swiped in blue–it’s the ideal boat for those who like classic boats, don’t mind a somewhat sacrificed interior, but also seek the style and performance that only a 1970s Swan can offer. Produced in 116 examples, it is one of the major S&S projects.

Nautor Swan – SWAN 38 – 1974

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Najad | 11.75 x 3.50 m | 1984 | Thorwald Karlsson

In the 1980s if you were looking for a boat of the kind now called Blue Water, the Najad was the ultimate, along with theHallberg Rassy. The Najad 39 is particularly successful, with a Nordic look and a more graceful deckhouse than some of the yard’s other models. The construction and finish are proverbial sturdy. Long-lived boat, in production from 1984 to 1995.

Classic Boat
Najad – NAJAD 390 – 1984


Jeremy Rogers | 11.79 x 3.73 m | 1979 | Doug Peterson

A yachting legend built in a small series of only 12 designed by Doug Peterson. In the tragic Fastnet race, where 20 boats sank in the storm, she finished second overall. Beautiful boat, solid and fast. Perfect example of the first generation IOR.

Classic Boat
Jeremy Rogers – CONTESSA 39 – 1979


Baltic | 11.81 x 3.83 m | 1977 | Cuthberson & Cassian

In the 1970s Baltic was the direct competitor of Nautor Swan. The Baltic 39, built in as many as 51 examples, is designed by Canadians Cuthberson & Cassian, who designed elegant, unforced boats. The construction is faultless.

Classic Boat
Baltic – BALTIC 39 – 1977

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Classic Boats – Comparison Data

Alpa 11.50Swan 38Najad 390Countess 39Baltic 39
LOA11.56 m11.66 m11.75 m11.79 m11.81 m
LWL8.15 m8.75 m10.00 m10.11 m9.97 m
MAX BAGLIO.3.20 m3.52 m3.50 m3.73 m3.83 m
FISHING.1.82 m1.92 m1.85 m2.21 m2.07 m
DISLC.6,200 kg8,301 kg9,500 kg6,464 kg8,165 kg
S. SAILING (R+G)74.50* sqm63.74* sq. m.74.97* sqm65.87* sqm68.01* sqm

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