Unipower 500: the small, high-performance electric winch that doesn’t clutter the deck


Unipower 500
Winch Unipower 500 – Harken

Harken ‘s Unipower range of motorized winches includes a model perfect especially for small boats and refits: the
Unipower 500
. In fact, these winches are famous for a space-saving feature: the motor is integrated almost entirely into the drum and does not clutter under the deck. The Unipower 500 winch model is recommended for sailboats between 10 and 14 meters in length.

Also perfect for small boats

A motorized winch allows you to minimize fatigue when handling maneuvers on board. The system also has a second advantage, in addition to reducing fatigue it also reduces bulk, and is therefore perfect for small boats or those who do not want to do too invasive refit work. Compared to other electric winches, the
Unipower 500
saves so much space below deck (as seen in the photo), not only vertically but also horizontally. It is very easily installed by protruding just 10 centimeters below the deck, and its single-speed operation automatically adjusts according to the load. This self-tailing winch is suitable for ropes and sheets between 8 and 13 millimeters in diameter and is available in aluminum (weight 6.7 kg) or chrome finish (weight 8.3 kg). One last very important detail is the ability to also use the winch manually, with the classic handle, if there is no electricity on board to power the 12v or 24v motor.



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