Resin, teak or cork. What to choose to cover the deck?

CoolDeck blanket - Resin processed by Refit Style
CoolDeck  – Resin processed by Refit Style

When it comes to deck covering, there are many alternatives to teak on the market today, from synthetic to natural alternatives such as cork. The benefits of replacing teak with a different coating are diverse, and they are convincing more and more shipowners to choose alternative solutions. When buying a new boat, a great many shipyards now offer synthetic or cork as options to the prospective owner, but they are also perfect materials for refitting a used boat.

Deck Flooring: the 100% customizable resin

The extensive use of this material by the cruise industry is a guarantee of safety, validity and durability. In fact, Refit Style’s Cooldeck resin has also obtained certification for compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s maritime safety and pollution standards. Sika is the company that supplies Refit Style, exclusively for the recreational marine market, with liquid resin. Then the resin is processed by Refit Style for casting, depending on the customer’s choices. This type of processing allows you to choose the thickness you want, unlike other synthetic coatings for which you are bound to predefined thicknesses. Resin is extremely versatile and can be molded into different shapes and cuts. Thicknesses up to solid wood can be created, if desired even with an aluminum core to lighten the resin casting while still maintaining the solidity of the piece, for example, to make handrails. In addition to the advantage of customization, resin is a lightweight yet wear- and grease-resistant product, thus maintaining its appearance and non-slip properties over time. It is easy to clean, does not crack or warp or change color, and withstands high temperatures very well.

Deck Flooring. MarineCork: cork for boating.

MarineCork Cork Coated Blanket

Those who decide to renovate their boat deck, or those who are buying a new one, have had several alternative options to teak available for some time now. One example is.
, the 100% natural alternative to teak, composed exclusively of cork. The processed cork
is the lightest material on the market for deck covering. In addition to weight, the advantages of cork are several. Getting wet increases its non-slip properties, increasing grip; cork also is a thermal insulator so it does not get hot in the sun, does not scald feet, and protects the area below deck from heat and cold. But it doesn’t end there, because cork is an anti-vibration material , is an acoustic insulator and has outstanding mechanical strength. It is very difficult for it to break down given its internal elasticity, it is designed to keep its coloring unchanged over time, and it also does not absorb grease, water, fish blood, or anything else: it does not stain!



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