Five timeless Classic Boats from 8.9 to 9.13 m


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The third installment of the 100 memorable Classic Boats: 5 masterpieces between 8.9 and 9.13 meters

Signature, uniqueness and quality of design can make a boat a small masterpiece. Essential characteristics, but not unique definitions of greatness, because, as we illustrated in our Manifesto on Classic Boats, not all boats succeed the same and, some, are definitely born better. Therefore, we have selected 100 Classic Boats built from 1967 to 1998 that are more valuable than others, and as we reach the third tranche of presentations, we begin to settle on different sizes, boats with larger volumes and wider versatility of use. So here are five Classic Boats from 8.90 to 9.13 meters.

5 Classic Boats from 8.90 to 9.13 meters

From Dutch Van De Stadt to New Zealander Ron Holland, via Italy and France, these 5 boats are all the daughters of brilliant minds and all have unique stories or characteristics that move far beyond just quality. From the consultancy of the great Cino Ricci, for the Comet 9.10, to the timeless Balanzone, by the Sciomachen brothers, these 5 Classic Boats are often on a par with cult objects, keystones in the path to boating in the last century.

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Mark 3 | 8.90 x 3.00 m | 1984 | Luca Taddei

Luca Taddei has his own space in thehall of fame of 1980s designers. Designed in tandem with the Mark 3 shipyard on Lake Garda, the Stag series (18-24-29-32) found in the 29 its most successful model, still usable for sailing fun today. The characteristic of this boat is that it has a very elongated stern, which makes it unique.

Mark 3 – STAG 29 – 1984


Barberis | 8.97 x 3.02 m | 1973 | Alain Jèzèquel

Italian shipyard Barberis, on the heels of the success of the Comet 9.10, relies on racing genius Alain Jèzèquel to create the Show 29. Instant success, thanks to a boat that is very fast while having huge volumes for a hull not even 9 meters long. Small masterpiece of the era.

Barberis – SHOW 29 – 1973

Would you like to have a Show 29? You can find one for sale on our flea market! (HERE)


Intercarene | 9.00 x 3.07 m | 1977 | Studio Sciomachen

Produced for over 10 years, it is the Italian, perfect way to the IOR half tonner class. Designed by the whimsical Bolognese brothers Franco and Ernesto Sciomachen, it was so ‘pop’ that the yard itself was built around the boat, rather than vice versa. Habitable, it is perfect for small cruising, but many are also seen at club regattas. Eternal.

Classic boats Intercarene - BALANZONE - 1977
Intercarene – BALANZONE – 1977

Classic Boats. COMET 910

Comar / Sipla | 9.10 x 3.06 m | 1971 | Van De Stadt & Jean Marie Finot

Mass construction with fiberglass is just beginning. In Forli there is Comar, which has Cino Ricci as a consultant who, often, sails in France. Thus, the odd couple consisting of Frenchman Finot and Dutchman Van De Stadt design the Italian Comet 910. Incredible success, 490 boats launched making it an icon of sailing.

Classic boats Comar / Sipla - COMET 910 - 1971
Comar / Sipla – COMET 910 – 1971

Read about how Cino Ricci won a Middle Sea Race on a COMET 910.


Jeanneau | 9.13 x 3.15 m | 1979 | Ron Holland

Two versions for this nine-footer derived from racing hulls designed by Ron Holland, one of the rising stars of design. The first, Rush 31 Royale, is more racer and was the boat of the famous Tour de France à Voile. The second, Rush 31 GTE, is quieter. As many as 580 were produced from 1979 to 1985.

Classic boats Jeanneau - RUSH 31 - 1979
Jeanneau – RUSH 31 – 1979

Data comparison

Stag 29 Show 29 Balanzone Comet 910 Rush 31
LOA 8.90 m 8.97 m 9.00 m 9.10 m 9.13 m
LWL 6.05 m 7.01 m 7.40 m 6.71 m 7.75 m
MAX BAGLIO. 3.00 m 3.02 m 3.07 3.06 m 3.15 m
FISHING. 1.75 m 1.69 m 1.80 m 1.71 m 1.40 m
DISLC. 1,350 kg 2,900 kg 2,751 kg 3,719 kg 3,003 kg
S. SAILING (R+G) 29.45 square meters 37.16 square meters 48.96 square meters 36.70 square meters 36.14
YEAR 1985 1973 1977 1971 1979

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Three “tidbits” about Classic Boats

Edited by Doi De Luise and Luca Oriani




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