First 36 is the sport boat (11 m) for being fast all the time, even when cruising

First 36
The First 36 (11.00 x 3.80 m) sailing under gennaker. In our test, we reached speeds of 10 knots with ease.

We had already been aboard the new Beneteau First 36 (11.00 x 3.80 m). But when there was a chance to organize a test on the boat with Lorenzo Silver, who oversaw the deck design and interior (the hull design is by Sam Manuard) and who loves this boat so much that he has become its (proud) owner, we could not pass up the opportunity.

First 36 – Video

We went to Porto Lotti (La Spezia), home of Beneteau dealer Settemari Yacht, to board Argento’s First 36. In this video review (performance report at the end of the video), the designer also talks about the “out of the box” details on the First 36, a boat“devoid of ‘superstructures,’ ideal for those who want to experience the essence of sailing“: one above all-which will make you discuss-the central refrigerator. Good Vision!

Video testing of the boat

Another detail we liked is the ability to remove the rearmost cockpit benches (which double as lockers): if you cruise, you put them on; if you race, you take them off. A solution taken from one of Beneteau’s most successful models, Bruce Farr’s First 40.7. Otherwise, the speeds we tell you about in the video speak for themselves: if you want to sail a lot, and have fun, you are on the right boat.

First 36 Beneteau – Data Sheet

  • Overall length 11.98 m
  • Hull length 11.00 m
  • Beam max. 3,80 m
  • Draft 2.25 m
  • Preliminary displacement 4,800 kg
  • Ballast 1550 kg
  • Sup. sail (windward) 80 sq. m.
  • Sup. sail (carriers) 141 sq. m.
  • Serb. water 200 lt
  • Serb. 70L fuel
  • Basic layout 3 cabins, 1 bathroom
  • Sam Manuard / Lorenzo Argento Project
  • Price €238,813 Excl. vat ex site
  • Website

Here you can find Beneteau dealers in Italy



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