Five Classic Boats from 6 to 7.32 meters that are little masterpieces


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The top 5 Classic Boats of 100: small masterpieces between 6 and 7.32 meters.

Not all boats are the same, and not all are equally valuable. The big difference is the quality of the design, the signature, and the uniqueness of the boat. A set of features that can define a boat as a Classic Boat, i.e., a jewel, as long as it is mass-produced and made of fiberglass between 1967 and 1998. But we have already gone into this in depth, in our
poster on Classic Boats.
So let’s start by looking at the top 5 of the 100 Classic Boats we have selected, which we present in ascending order of size, starting with small masterpieces between 6 and 7.32 meters.

5 Classic Boats from 6 to 7.32 meters

Five inimitable boats then, Classic Boats that still populate so many marinas and race courses today: from the Meteor to the J/24, these ‘little ones’ are actually really big boats, still capable of thrilling thousands of people. And they all share one main characteristic: they are as ingenious as they are small, they have turned the world upside down by enthralling thousands, and they are signed by brilliant hands. So here are 5 true cult, fundamental boats for many sailing giants as well.


Comar / Sipla / Nautica Luino | 6.00 x 2.13 m | 1968 | Van De Stadt

A unique case in the history of sailing. This small six-meter boat is still being built today, after 55 years, and hundreds of them still circulate every weekend. Credit for this miracle in the timeless design and ease of use of the Meteor, born from the pencil of Dutchman Van De Stadt.

Comar / Sipla / Nautica Luino – METEOR – 1968


Felci | 6.50 x 2.70 m | 1996 | Felci Yacht Design

With the Té Salt, the very young Italian designer Felci lands at the legendary Mini Transat, kingdom of the French. The small six-meter is fast, innovative and full of original solutions. Success led to the CR series version, launched in as many as 35 examples. Mini yacht for true enthusiasts.

Ferns- Salt Tea CR (02) – 1996
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Classic Boats. ADVENTURE 703

Nauta Yacht | 7.03 x 2.48 m | 1976 | Andrea Vallicelli

Two boys who will become famous meet: Mario Pedol and Andrea Vallicelli. Thus was born in the early 1970s a small, elegant and fast “barge,” the Avventura 703, which is a forerunner of the cabin day sailer. Among the first buyers was an equally young shipowner, famous for his “My Song” boats , Pigi Loro Piana.

Classic Boats Nauta Yacht - Adventure 703 - 1976
Nauta Yacht – Adventure 703 – 1976
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Melges | 7.32 x 2.50 m | 1993 | Reichel & Pugh

He revolutionized the world of monotypes. Very fast, acrobatic but safe. It is the most iconic boat of the legendary U.S. shipyard, which also builds it in Europe. It has hundreds of launched specimens. The design is by the American firm Reichel & Pugh, a guarantee. Even today it still has a regatta circuit.

Classic Boats Melges 24
Melges – Melges 24 – 1993

Classic Boats: J/24

J-Boats | 7.32 x 2.71 m | 1977 | Johnstone

More than a boat, it is a myth. 5400 specimens launched, a good portion still sailing all over the world and in Italy in particular, where an association that organizes regattas all over the peninsula is very active. It is the most popular one-design cabin cruiser in the world. The greatest sailors have passed through him. Born from a prototype built in a garage, it is the seven-meter that will never grow old and will remain relevant, always.

classic boats J-Boats - J/24
J-Boats – J/24 – 1977

Data comparison

Meteor Salt CR Tea Adventure 703 Melges 24 J/24
LOA 6.00 m 6.50 m 7.03 m 7.32 m 7.32 m
LWL 5.20 m 6.50 m 6.71 m 6.10 m
MAX BAGLIO. 2.13 m 2.70 m 2.48 m 2.50 m 2.71 m
FISHING. 0.98 m 2.00 m 1.45 m 1.52 m 1.22 m
DISLC. 780 kg 1,000 kg 850 kg 794 kg 1,406 kg
S. SAILING (R+G) 21.18 square meters 19.5 sq 27 square meters 32.13 square meters 24.34 square meters
YEAR 1968 1996 1976 1993 1977

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Three “tidbits” about Classic Boats

Edited by Doi De Luise and Luca Oriani



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