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Are you sure you know just about everything about the VELA Cup? What it is, who can participate, what you win, etc. Here are all the answers to all the questions you would like to ask us but have never asked. We explain why the VELA Cup is the event for everyone you can’t miss.
Six stages, from May to October, in the most beautiful places in Italy
. Each sail will take place along a coastal route, within everyone’s reach, around buoys and islands in the crystal clear waters of our seas. In the evening, a big party with food and music for all of us to enjoy together.

All the stages of the VELA Cup 2023

That’s why the VELA Cup is for everyone!


– Can any boat, as long as it sails, participate in the VELA Cup?

Yes. The event is open to all boats and multihulls, cabin cruisers and open, with no age limitation, no use of tonnage certificates, from 4 m LFT and up.

– If my boat has mussels and my crew is me, my family and the dog?

Welcome to one of those few regattas where sailboats and sailors of all kinds are allowed, even relatives and friends for whom “cock” sounds like a dirty word. No need for tonnage certificates or all the bureaucratic complications involved. Just take the mainsail out of the garage where you keep it and pack the bag.

– “But I don’t know the regatta rules, me! How can I?”

Easy. There are no complicated regatta rules, but the regulations on collisions at sea (NIPAM), those rules we use every day to sail. Everything is easier within the reach of any fan with respect to fair play and sportsmanship.

– “Is my boat too old?”

There are no old boats, they just become “Classic.” If you think your boat is not performing as well as it used to, don’t worry. Starting this year, the VELA Cup will have a dedicated ranking for boats over 25 years old, even if they are built in series or fiberglass.

– In the rankings, will boats be divided by length?

Absolutely. All boats will be divided by the Organizing Committee into homogeneous groups by length overall (LFT). Bigger boats, bigger sails. The competition will be fair for all, and the overall winner will be awarded according to a secret compensation formula that rewards those who had the best performance relative to their boat.

– I don’t feel like giving the gennaker/spinnaker. What do I do?

If you are not feeling “too competitive,” you can choose to sail in the “Cruising Boat” category where only white sails are sailed, with a dedicated leaderboard. The important thing is to have fun!

– “I exceeded 4 knots of speed, once and by accident. I’m never going to win anything, am I?

Error! At the VELA Cup you win super prizes (for real). In addition to the regatta bag that is given to each crew (along with a copy of the Sailing Newspaper) at each VELA Cup there are raffle prizes for all participants. Just think that 40% of all contestants receive an award!

– I have a racing boat and a crew of experienced sailors, will we have fun too?

Of course! If you have the soul of a racer and competitive crew, sign up for the “Sport Boat” category where you can use as many sails as you want (drifter, Code 0, spinnaker, gennaker, whippers, etc.). We’re sure you’ll find your bread and butter, but remember, NIPAMs apply, not regatta rules!

– What is the route like?

Each VELA Cup will have its own coastal route, determined by the Sailing Notice, lasting about 3 hours. A course within everyone’s reach, between buoys and islands, to be done safely and without obstacles or hidden “traps.”

– How should I pass the buoys when I am near another boat?

According to fairplay rules, that is, boats that are between a buoy or obstacle or between other boats have the right of space to pass or make the tack or gybe if this maneuver is necessary. However, it is prohibited to wedge between a buoy or obstacle and other/other boats when within 100 meters of the buoy or obstacle. Use common sense and avoid dangerous situations!

– Do I run insurance risks in case of accidents?

No, you only need to have an insurance policy as per the sailing regulations. There is no need to have “regatta” extensions in addition to the policy you already have. In fact, the VELA Cup is a sport sailing event and common sailing rules apply.

– How does the ranking work, do I have to have special certificates?

No, just fill out the information sheet in its entirety at the time of registration. Rankings are made on the basis of length overall (LFT), not to include pulpits, bowstops, dolphins, stern butts, stern bouncers, and rudders outside the hull. There is also a compensated time winner with an exclusive secret formula that rewards those who had the best performance, regardless of size, age and finishing time.

– Can I win something even if I don’t finish in the top?

Of course, of course! In addition to the “merit” prizes (plates for the first three in each category, Venetian prizes for the winner of the Sport Boat category…). During the awards ceremony, numerous beautiful prizes offered by partners such as Garmin, Leatherman, Plastimo, HiNelson, and YachtingBond are raffled off among all entrants. All it takes to win is a stroke of luck!

– I come from outside with my boat, will I have to pay for the mooring?

Boat mooring for all competitors’ boats is included in the entry fee. All the more reason to have a weekend with us and participate in the VELA Cup. This year’s stops then are in some of the most beautiful places in Italy. Participating in the VELA Cup is a bargain!

– And who is it that usually makes the SAIL Cup?

Simple, everyone! From Vincenzo Onorato to Tommaso Chieffi, via Pigi Loro Piana, Mauro Pelaschier, Andrea Mura there are so many super sailors who have made the VELA Cup. Same for My Song or the first Moro of Venice, but the VELA Cup is also and especially for family crews and simple sailing enthusiasts. Kids, parents and grandparents, the VELA Cup is truly an event for everyone.

– “My helmsman is 100 years old. Can he participate?”

You are never too old or too young for the SAIL Cup! The legendary Angela Besana Gagliardi at 100 years of age participated in the VELA Cup in Santa Margherita while, in Capo d’Orlando, Noè Siliato, just 3 months old, raced aboard Gianluca Roveraro’s Pogo 12.50 Magia!

– Beautiful! How do I sign up?

To register for the various stages go to velacup.co.uk and click on the stage you are interested in. Complete the online registration and make payment at the link you will receive by email. We look forward to seeing you in the water!

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James Barbaro



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