Sailing and design: the 70-foot Italian-Turkish-Lebanese boat

A team of student architects engaged in the Milan Polytechnic‘s Master’s program in Yacht Design has created a revolutionary 70-foot sailing cabin cruiser that stands out for its futuristic look, sporty soul and “green” vocation.

Nautical design is always evolving, and sometimes the best ideas are born in the very universities where the future masters of this art that incorporates style, ergonomics, marine qualities and hi-tech materials are trained. This is the case, for example, with a group of students in the 21st Master’s program in Yacht Design at the Milan Polytechnic University who recently presented their rather innovative design of a 70-foot sailing cabin cruiser.

In spite of its name, Eve II, which refers to the primordial times of human beings in a biblical key, the yacht presents a rather futuristic style in its forms and choice of fittings. While equally cutting-edge is the choice of materials from an environmentally sustainable perspective. The hull and structures of Eve II for example are made of basalt fiber and balsa, and through the use of Elium®, a thermoplastic resin produced by Arkema, the composite becomes recyclable. Cork then replaces teak on the deck in one of the few truly sustainable alternatives. Completing the hull are dual wheelhouses and a high-performance telescoping keel that allows a maximum draft of 4.2 meters, providing all the advantages of a retractable keel but without interfering with interior space.

 Eve II

Race deck and interior like a spaceship

The deck plan, designed for regattas, team-building projects, and advertising/marketing campaigns, is all about ergonomics, dynamism, and versatility, with cockpit seating in the center flanking the large window overlooking the dinette below deck, 4 winches (two on each side), the large sail area of 260 m², and the fixed mainsail sheet point with the “captive winch.”

The 6-person interior, which is heavily inspired by automotive design but actually looks like that of a spaceship, all revolves around the chart table that stands out in the center of the dinette. In the bow is the full-beam master cabin, while the two aft cabins, each with its own bathroom, are equally spacious and can accommodate two people each. The forward hatch before the anchor locker leads to the sailor cabin.

 Eve II

Make way for “eco” materials and “green” propulsion

Completing the ensemble is the strength of the natural light that pervades the entire space thanks to the glass windows in the double entrance, all around the deckhouse, and the large windows in the master cabin. Artificial lighting, on the other hand, is all done by LED strips hidden in the furniture that highlight the innovative layout and red-colored details. Strictly natural and sustainable materials, on the other hand, characterize all the fittings: linen, hemp, kapok and even nettle are found in the cushions, mattresses and seating. As for propulsion, Eve II sees installed two Torqeedo Deep Blue 50 Saildrive engines that provide exceptional maneuverability.

The design team that created the ‘the Eve II Windiva and consists of Turkish engineer Dilara Kalkavan, Italian designer Aurora Fernè, Lebanese architect Mario El Hajj and, finally, Italian designer Mattia Boccolini.

Technical data: length 19.90 m, width 5.90 m, draft 2.70 to 4.20 m, displacement 23.60 t, ballast 8.25 t, fuel capacity 600 l, water capacity 1,000 l.




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