They sell 4 Classic Boats with important pedigree (10 to 14 m)


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The 1970s and 1980s saw great designers and great boats, there is no question. But not everyone may have had a chance to experience them and, if anything, not everyone had a chance to own some of those great projects. However, this does not mean that it cannot be remedied now. Therefore, we have selected for you 4 Classic Boats for sale on our flea market .

4 Classic Boats for Sale


They are four projects from the big names(Jean Marie Finot, Niels Jeppesen and Michel Dufour) and, why not, maybe one of them will turn out to be what, even without knowing it, you were looking for. When in doubt, we not only bring them back to you below, but also tell you about them, mentioning their history and the big names behind them.

Are you interested in Classic Boats and their history? Visit our  Classic Boats section


Magic – Comar Comet 11 (10.80 m)

In 1977
relied on the iconoclastic hand of Jean Marie Finot to design a new cruiser. One opts for the realization of something unprecedented, never seen before. Comet 11, a boat designed exclusively for cruising, 10.80 meters overall intended for ‘real’ sailing, is born. It will be sold in 187 units, splitting the audience in two: purists reject it, but many others instead appreciate its novel lines, important choices. It is a cornerstone of world sailing design, an undoubtedly iconic landmark.

Magic; Comet 11; Comar; 1979

You can find a 1979 example of this for sale on our flea market, a version with a central master cabin and particularly large living room. Are you interested? See the Comet 11 ad here.

Comar Comet 11 (archive image, this is not the boat in the ad)

Classic Boats. Dufour Sortilege (12.50 m)

Michel Dufour was an almost unique character in the sailing world. From a railroad engineer he was able to transform himself into a visionary designer, launching his own specific way to sailing, his deep passion. Among the ingenious boats he was able to design, undoubtedly we find the Sortilege, a 41-footer entirely devoted to cruising, safe, comfortable, and, above all, fine sailing-a true boat for sailing.

Dufour Sortilege; Dufour; 1974

Armed as a ketch, produced in 150 examples starting in 1971, the Sortilege was a highly successful boat, a 12.50-meter well-dwelling, seaworthy and fun boat. Two cockpits with two respective accesses to the below deck, where as many as8 bunks are located, find space on board. The wheelhouse finds its place in the central, larger, more protected cockpit.

Dufour Sortilege; flatbeds

For those interested, find one for sale on our flea market, launched in 1974.
Here is the ad.

Dufour Sortilege; Dufour; 1974 (note the main cockpit and protected wheelhouse)

Windcatcher – X-Yachts X-452 (13.92 m)

The formula by which, in 1987,
set out to design its X-452 was simple: make a boat that was faster than those in the competition, that also looked better and was more comfortable than the others. The recipe works and, in the X-Yachts tradition, the X-452 succeeds in this endeavor, proving to be a gritty, livable and particularly enjoyable boat.

Windcatcher; X-452; X-Yachts; 1991

Built in 20 examples starting in 1987, this little Niels Jeppesen masterpiece measures 13.92 meters overall (LOA) and 4.52 m at maximum beam, with two versions available: one 3-cabin and one 4-cabin, for 6 or 8 berths respectively, excluding saloon.

X452 – Flatbeds

On our marketplace, you can find one from 1991 for sale. Are you interested? Announcement here.

Windcatcher; X-452; X-Yachts; 1991

Classic Boats. Magic Twelve – IOR 40′ – Beneteau First Class 12 (11.99 m)

At the height of the 1980s, the International Offshore Rule (IOR) is at its peak and everyone is designing boats that can not only compete in it, but possibly win it. Beneteau is not to be outdone and, with the capable hands of Jean Marie Finot, initiates the design of a series of IOR 40′ prototypes to compete in the prestigious 1987 Admiral’s Cup. From these prototypes, a series of 70 hulls, the First Class 12 (11.99 x 3.80 m; 6 berths +2), was born.
Magic Twelve; prototype First Class 12 IOR 40′; Beneteau; 1987
The result is a fast, high-performance boat, ideal today as a fast cruiser and, why not, for even participating in some regattas. Speaking of which, the last of the prototypes produced for the Admiral’s Cup (formerly Blue Diamond) is for sale on our flea market. Interested? Find out about it here! The ad, on the other hand, can be found HERE.
Magic Twelve; First Class 12; Interior

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