Eliminate plastic bottles in the boat with this accessory

Water to drink on board
By installing Osmosea’s Purificator 300 LED, you can forget about water bottles on the boat

Osmosea is a Trapani-based company that at its Marsala facility produces
reverse osmosis watermakers
, designed especially for installation on boats. In addition to its various models of desalinators, such as those in the New12, Evo and Classic and Mega series, Osmosea’s specialization in boating has led to the emergence of new water treatment accessories and systems. The perfect example is the product
Purificator 300 LED
, a quadruple system that provides disinfected water, free of sediment, chlorine, and bad odors. The purifier allows for disinfected water directly from the tap, eliminating plastic bottles from being on board, thus doing the environment a favor and lightening the burden on board.

How Osmosea’s Purificator 300 LED works

Purificator 300 LED - Osmosea
Purificator 300 LED – Osmosea

This small accessory easily connects to the main on-board faucet (usually the kitchen faucet) and dispenses purified water from a third faucet, with a flow rate of 2.5 liters per minute. The purifying action of the
Purificator 300 LED
is fourfold. The filter sediment removes impurities down to 5 microns, the activated carbon filter acts on the elimination of chlorine, bad smells and bad tastes, the alkalizing filter stabilizes the pH above 7 to have alkaline water with added calcium and magnesium, and finally the UVC LED germicidal lamp Eliminates bacteria and viruses. When the faucet is opened, the disinfectant lamp is automatically activated (it does not need to preheat) and has a power consumption of less than 8.5 watts.

Osmosea. What are the benefits for those who install the Purificator 300 LED system?

  1. By simply turning on the tap, you get purified and disinfected water
  2. The system’s on-board footprint is minimized (30 x 12.5 x 37 cm)
  3. you completely eliminate the presence of plastic water bottles on board
  4. the environmental impact due to the use of plastic bottles is nullified
  5. you zero out the weight and bulk in the boat of heavy, bulky plastic bottles



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