Dufour Catamarans 48: the XXL catamaran with flybridge and 6 cabins

Dufour Catamarans 48
Dufour Catamarans 48

The Dufour Catamaran 48 is the older sibling of the French brand’s catamaran line Dufour Catamrans. It is a sleek and modern boat designed to provide a sailing experience at high level of comfort, due to its spaciousness, its ability to sail in light wind conditions and its maneuverability.

Dufour Catamarans 48 – What it looks like

Dufour Catamaran 48
was built with a focus on functionality and guest comfort. The interior is spacious and well lit, with large picture windows offering spectacular views of the sea. The seating area has a large U-shaped sofa and an adjustable dining table, perfect for dining or relaxing after a day of sailing. The kitchen is well equipped with stove, oven, refrigerator and freezer, while the cabins are spacious and cozy, all with private bathrooms. Turning to the exteriors, in the bow we find two double sunbathing areas integrated into the hull and the trampolines, which allow you to relax in comfort. There are 3 layouts available: 3 cabins and 3 bathrooms (with one hull completely dedicated to the owner) 4 cabins with bathrooms and 5 cabins with bathrooms + sailor’s cabin with bathroom and outside access.

Our Test

In terms of performance, the
Dufour Catamaran 48
offers agile and comfortable sailing. Due to the position of the hulls and their tapered profile, the catamaran is able to sail stably and quickly even in rough sea conditions. The deck layout is designed to ensure easy navigation even with a small crew, with maneuvering concentrated in theflybridge area where the helm is located. In this way, the lower deck of the aft cockpit becomes a 100 percent livable area at any time of day, an important aspect for a catamaran designed primarily for charter and large groups.



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