Used boats: when class is not water, three models to rave about

There are boats that enter the veins of its owner, generating a visceral love, becoming true wives. It is those boats that have a soul, a definite identity and never go unnoticed. Boats that make themselves recognizable even at a great distance, standing out from everything else.

Browsing through Topboatmarket we found three with these characteristics, boats of timeless beauty and noble spirit.

Swan 46 MK I

We are in the IOR period and a gentleman named German Freers is one of the most successful performers of this era. The Swan-Freers union gives rise to some of the most beautiful boats ever built and sailed. The Swan 46 is undoubtedly one of these: a “salami slice” (as it used to be called) stern with soft contours, low deckhouse, pronounced soaring and excellent sailing skills especially upwind. The Swan 46 is a real daydream. CHECK OUT THE MODEL FOR SALE HERE

Used boats: Freya 45 Sparkman & Stephens

used boats Sparkman & Stephens is a name that has made yachting history. This 13-meter boat was first launched in 1972, and its aesthetics are characterized by large swells fore and aft, like all boats of that period. The construction is airex and fiberglass sandwich, sturdy but rigid and lightweight. The boat sails well especially upwind in fresh air and can still have its say even against much younger models. CHECK OUT THE MODEL FOR SALE HERE

used boats Used boats: Morri&Para Ex Brava One Tonne

A boat with a glorious past and a track record of the highest level. The boat was launched in 1984 to a design by Andrea Vallicelli, built in lamellar west system, rigid and lightweight. Explosive in light winds, technical but fast when the air rises, it is an IOR design that could still have its say in club regattas and why not at much higher levels as well. A boat not for everyone, but for those who can appreciate the value of a design that may no longer be current but has considerable appeal. CHECK OUT THE MODEL FOR SALE HERE



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