Quiz: how much do you know about great navigators? Put yourself to the test!

great navigators
How much do you know about great navigators?
In this quiz we are about to offer you, you will not find “technical” questions, but exclusively “historical” and focused on sailor-myths from the late 1800s to the present day. Try to answer without consulting wikipedia, books, biographies, to test your preparation: we are sure that some questions you will answer without hesitation, but on others you will hesitate…

Once you are sure of your answers, click on the link below the quiz to see the right answers and what kind of sailors you are! Let’s get started!

Great navigators quiz, 10 questions

1. Who, according to the chronicles, uttered the historic phrase “Any fool could sail around the world, but it takes a sailor with the attributes to be able to do it drunk”?

A) Robin Knox-Johnston
B) Bernard Moitessier
(c) Francis Chichester

2. Who was the first sailor to circumnavigate the terrible southern oceans?

A) Joshua Slocum (1892-95)
B) Vito Dumas (1942-43)
C) Chay Blyth (1971)

3. In what year did the irredentists captained by Glauco Gaber set sail from Trieste bound for Buenos Aires in a lifeboat equipped with a small sail, the Italia-Trieste (the venture was successful)?

A) 1946
B) 1947
C) 1948

4. How did Ellen McArthur, the great British yachtswoman, rank in the 2000-2001 Vendée Globe (nonstop solo round-the-world race aboard Imoca 60)?

A) Second
B) First
C) He did not participate in that edition

5. How did the late solo sailor Simone Bianchetti (1968-2003) die?

A) He was taken ill in the harbor at Savona.
B) He fell into the water during the Route du Rhum.
C) Due to a traffic accident in South Africa.

6. Which two sailors lost their lives as a result of the 1968 Golden Globe Race (nonstop solo round-the-world race), one during the race, the other in 1972 while he was building the boat to try again after failing?

A) Donald Crowhurst and Loïck Fougeron
B) Donald Crowhurst and Nigel Tetley.
C) Eric Tabarly and John Ridgway

7. Who was the competitor who polemicized with Giovanni Soldini after the Milanese navigator rescued Isabelle Autissier at the 1998-99 Around Alone (solo round-the-world race in stages), claiming that Soldini had an advantage by having the navigator on board?

A) Fyodor Konyukhov
B) Josh Hall
C) Marc Thiercelin

8. How old was Danish-American fisherman Alfred Johnson when, in 1876, he made the solo crossing of the Atlantic from Gloucester, Massachusetts, to Abercastle, Wales, in a 20-foot sailboat?

A) 22
B) 30
C) 68

9. Who is the only Italian to have won a solo round-the-world race?

A) Alex Carozzo
B) Giovanni Soldini
C) Vittorio Malingri

10. Who was the first Italian to win the Ostar?

A) Giovanni Soldini
B) Franco Manzoli
C) Andrea Mura




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