Grand Soleil 40, the Italian cruiser/racer (12m) that will keep you entertained

Grand Soleil 40
The new Grand Soleil 40

The Grand Soleil 40 (12.90 x 4.07 m) was born on the heels of the success of the 44, a boat that won the ORC World Championship twice in a row and had significant sales at Cantiere del Pardo. The task of designer Matteo Polli, the wizard of fast hulls, and Nauta Design, which conceived the interior and exterior look, was to bring the same concepts to a 12-meter, that is, the desire to make a true cruiser racer.

Grand Soleil 40 – The Project

Grand Soleil 40
From the stern you can see the knee high on the water

Polli’s “signature” can undoubtedly be seen on the stern, which has smooth lines but shows the unmistakable knee-high on the water, dipping when the boat heels over stretching the waterline. A solution that the designer has always adopted on his boats also because it is very useful for ORC racing regulations. The width of the Grand Soleil 40, an impressive 4.07 meters, is generous and among the widest in the 12-meter range, confirming the boat’s cruise soul, which, however, coexists with racing performance.

It is offered in Performance and Race versions, which differ in draft, sail plan, and maneuver organization, depending on whether the use is more toward sport cruising or use in racing is also planned.

Our video on board

Grand Soleil 40 – Matteo Polli tells it

The Grand Soleil 40 sailing upwind wide under Code Zero

“The design brief for the Grand Soleil 40 is very similar to that of the GS 44, but with thebar set even higher given the smaller size,” the designer recounted. Indeed, the 40-foot overall length, one of the most common on the market, presents an even greater challenge in finding the ideal compromise between interior volume and sporty features. Thanks also to theexperience gained on 44 and to the well-established design team, it was possible to find the perfect combination of performance and comfort.

The hull lines are a

evolution of the concepts studied for the GS 44, giving maximum attention to volume balance at theIncreasing skidding. The bow entries remain very thin to maintain good performance in low wind and ensure smooth passage on thewave. As on the GS 44, much emphasis was placed on the decidedly backward positioning of thetree by enabling Nauta Design to develop an innovative layout and achieving a benefit on both performance and comfort. É also chosen to maintain a single rudder blade drift plane in a very forward position, a solution that I consider ideal both in cruising and racing.”

The interior narrated by Nauta

“We found the right proportions to have a wide and functional deck for both racing and cruising,” explains Massimo Gino of Nauta Design, “where all the maneuvers designed with thenaval architect Matteo Polli and Cantiere del Pardo find ergonomic, practical and functional positions and solutions for both uses. In a light and streamlined hull, we managed to put all the necessary functions on a 40-footer that even in the interior can offer comfort and functionality. From the cabin to the bathroom of theowner, from the galley to the dinette, the volumes, stowage, and all functions are precise and well proportioned. The rich, understated style is one that is well proven and appreciated aboard all Grand Soleils.”

The numbers of the Grand Soleil 40

Overall length Performance 12.90 m
Overall length Race 13.60 m
Hull length 11.90 m
Maximum beam 4.07 m
Draft (std.) 2.40 m
Draft (opt.) 2.10 m & 1.85 m
Displacement 7,500 kg (ballast 2,500 kg)
Volvo Penta 30 HP saildrive engine (50 HP opt.)
Mainsail area (v. Standard) 46 m2
Mainsail area (v. Race) 50 m2
Surface flake (108%) opt. 45 m2
Self-tacking jib surface 38 m2
Spinnaker surface area (v. Race) 130 m2
Gennaker area (v. standard) 140 m2
Gennaker surface (v. Race) 160 m2
Sleeps 6/9
Water tank capacity 300 lt approx.
Diesel tank capacity 170 lt approx
CE Certification: A “OCEAN”
Naval Architect: Matteo Polli
Interior and Exterior Design: Nauta Design
Builder: Cantiere del Pardo




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