Ecoracer OD 30: the first true recyclable one-design (9m)

Ecoracer One Design 30 - The in-water render of Northern Light Composites-1's new one-design dinghy
Ecoracer One Design 30 – The in-water render of the new one-design by Northern Light Composites-1

In House Northern Light Composites have unveiled their first production boat, and they have done it in a big way. It is the Ecoracer One Design 30, a recyclable one-design with distinctly sporty characteristics, which will have a dedicated race circuit: the Ecoracer Sailing Series

Ecoracer OD 30 – What the recyclable monotype will look like.

The new Ecoracer One Design 30 monotype will have a 9.15-meter-long hull (excluding dolphin boat) inspired by that of the ecoracer 25 and the Corsa 915 one-design racer. The design is by Matteo Polli, who rethought the water lines with an inverted bow and a higher stern and also revised the sail plan and keel compared to the Corsa 915. The material chosen for construction, thanks to rComposite technology, allows total recycling of the boat at the end of its life, and is a mix of thermoplastic and carbon fiber for the hull, linen fiber for the cockpit. The monotype will be equipped with a retractable keel and will also have room in an internal locker to install an inboard tilting. As for the sail plan, the shipyard has planned a square top mainsail and for the carriers low overlapping and powerful asymmetric jibs. The boat can also be equipped with a Code Zero.

Data Sheet

Length9.15 meters
Width3.03 meters
Fishing2.30 meters
Displacement1800 kg
Upwind sail area60.5 square meters
Stern sail area140.5 square meters

Ecoracer OD 30 – How much does it cost and when will it be in the water

Ecoracer One Design 30 - The first render of the new one-design drift from Northern Light Composites
Ecoracer One Design 30 – The first render of the new monotype from Northern Light Composites

In addition to the circuit Ecoracer Sailing Series, which will be organized starting in 2024 in collaboration with Foiling Week founder Luca Rizzotti, the Ecoracer 30 OD can also be used in inshore and offshore ORC regattas. The launching of the first example of Ecoracer 30 One Design, under construction in the shipyard Sangiorgio Marine in Genoa, is scheduled for late June 2023, when The Ocean Race arrives in Genoa. The boat’s list price is 130,000 euros: the first ten hulls can be pre-ordered on favorable terms.



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