Six smart accessories from 2023 that change your boating life


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Smart boat accessories 2023
Smart boat accessories 2023

The smart accessories to have on your boat in 2023

In the vast array of nautical accessories available on the market today, which is becoming increasingly rich and interesting, some accessories stand out as more “clever” than others. For example, they are small goodies or solutions that can simplify life on board, taking up little space and making more complex tasks easy. Here are which ones are the best!

Boat Accessories 2023 – Tiny Certec – Boatique

TOP 2023 Accessories - Tiny Certec - Boatique
TOP 2023 Accessories – Tiny Certec – Boatique

Certec’s Tiny platform inflates directly on board in no time, with a hand pump included in the carry bag, and allows for a stern deck even on small boats. It measures 180 x 80 cm and has non-slip strips on the non-immersed side and two floats.

Scrubba – Wash Bag Mini

TOP 2023 Accessories - Scrubba - Wash Bag Mini
TOP 2023 Accessories – Scrubba – Wash Bag Mini

It looks like an airtight bag, it is actually a microscopic washing machine that you can take on camping trips, vacations, but especially on boats. To run it, you don’t need power at all; it works by hand, the old-fashioned way. Simply insert the clothes, water, and detergent and take advantage of the micro-springs inside the bag to rub the clothes and clean them.

Boat Accessories 2023: Yachtbeach 3.0 – Boatique

TOP 2023 Accessories - Yachtbeach 3.0 - Boatique
TOP 2023 Accessories – Yachtbeach 3.0 – Boatique

In just 15 kilograms of bag, including the inflation pump, you can have a private beach on board. When inflated, it measures 3 m x 1.60 m and provides moments of assured relaxation. You can use it to do yoga when you are at roadstead or simply to lie down and sunbathe or read a book , so you will not be disturbed by other guests on board. It is also perfect as a diving platform, and can be equipped with a convenient ladder to facilitate climbing up and down.

Karbones – Cylinder + pump kit

TOP 2023 Accessories - Karbones - Cylinder + Pump Kit
TOP 2023 Accessories – Karbones – Cylinder + Pump Kit

An aluminum canister that allows short dives, for example to check the bulb or hull, or to explore the surroundings when in a bay particularly inhabited by fish and coral. The canister has a 12-minute run time, but once empty it can be easily refilled with the hand pump included in the kit.

Boatique – Python Extensible Hose

TOP 2023 Accessories - Boatique - Python Extensible Hose
TOP 2023 Accessories – Boatique – Python Extensible Hose

Extremely light and space-saving, this water hose takes up little space but can be lengthened, from 7.5 m, to 22 m! also included in the package is the handy nozzle with 8 spray settings that allows you to decide the pressure with which to let the water out, depending on use.

Boat accessories 2023: Boatasy – Ropecleaner

Boatasy - Ropecleaner
TOP 2023 Accessories – Boatasy – Ropecleaner

Ropecleaner is the practical, fast and economical solution for removing dirt from mooring lines. The line to be cleaned should be slid inside the tool, the sharp surface effectively removes algae and shells from any type of mooring line with ease.



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