Funniest comments sent to the Sailing Newspaper


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Funniest comments sent to the Sailing Newspaper

One of our contributors had fun unearthing and collecting the funniest, most critical or cryptic comments and titling them in this collection, which we hope will lighten your day and spark your irony. Here are the funniest comments directed to the editorial staff of the Sailing Newspaper.

The online articles of the SAIL Newspaper are in fact commented on by readers, and we are more than happy about that. Thanks to your contributions, our pages are enriched with experiences, curiosity opinions, and questions that we try whenever possible to answer. We are happy to receive criticism that helps us correct oversights, misprints, and jibes that alas happen…

Inconsistencies, solo

The title reads “that you maneuver alone,” but then in the article you need 2 people.
Commentary on: A 10-meter SuperYacht that you maneuver yourself, Esse 300

Demagogic obsessive technologism

Article full of demagogic covid depression effect obsessive technologism.
Commentary on:
How the America’s Cup is changing cruising boats

Sanremo docet: Make records!

You must make records with the 8 Prada Cup races and attach them to the next Newspaper!!!
Commentary on: Ship sound signals, how to recognize them

You can’t understand anything!

You do not understand anything …if the article is for fishing experts that is fine but if it is for all boaters (not all fishermen) then the terms of the article need to be translated and explained!!!
Commentary on: Fishing-in-cruising-let’s-try-spinning-to-procure-our-dinner


It is really outrageous that an Italian newspaper is so ignorant about the very specific subject matter it deals with, sailing cruises, and calls Losinj tiny Losinj, Cres Cres, Osor Osor, Krk Krk, Vis Vis Vis, etc. But when you go to Moscow you say you go to Moskva? Or if you go to Paris you say Paris., if you go to Warsaw you say Warszawa, you call Athina Athens and for Vienna what do you say? Behind it there are more than 5 (five) centuries of rule of the Serenissima (I wonder if you people know who it was? in case go look it up on Wikipedia). Not to mention that until the last ethnic cleansing the coasts of Istria and Dalmatia (Dalmacija for you, I think) were inhabited by a substantial Italian population, and Zadar (Zadar, for you) was recognized by everyone as an Italian city. I think you should apologize to all sailing enthusiasts for this outrageous counter-information campaign of yours. SHAME ON YOU
Commentary on: Croatia cruise, five itineraries

Word of ESPATRIATE !!!!!!

Commentary on:
Boat documents 2023, which ones to have on board

From Archimedes to boating license

Hello, I have had a motorboat license within 12 miles for almost 20 years. I wanted to have that sail as well and took a sailing course at the naval league, but they cannot certify me for the 5 hours of sailing required by the regulations. And in the province of Syracuse, where the seafaring tradition has been handed down since the time of Archimedes, there is no one who is qualified to issue it. I would like to understand to whom I should turn???
Commentary on:
Boating license, school association responds to allegations

The watch for the Mariana Trench

But what the (bleep) are you doing with the clock that goes up to 11,000 meters
Commentary on Discovering the new Rolex Deep Challenge


Solution: Report ALL

They may present a small group of alluevi for examinations. C. P. Li rejects them claiming that C.I.N. cannot certify hours. The C.I.N. sues for abuse of office the petty officer/officer who made the refusal,. and appeals to the Ministry to clarify the doubts ( as it did for the Nautical Institutes.), under penalty of applying to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court to suspend all exams .
Commentary on:
Boating license, school association responds to allegations


Headline that has been vowing to write since 1975

I believe that a masthead that has been vowing to write articles since 1975 should have the good taste to proofread articles from grammatical errors before publication. And there is not only the one already reported.
Commentary on: I thought the canting keel as a remedy for seasickness

Barche loculi

Beautiful and original walkways, but where do I put the aft cabins? if there are lockers under the sundecks, the cabins are “loculi” especially on a 40′
Commentary on BG Design, the ambitions of a studio on the rise

Boats that deserve to sink-with the designer!

A boat that loses its keel deserves to sink, as do those who designed it!
Commentary on:
Matteo Miceli, departing for Brazil to recover the boat

… Comment again, the funniest or most humorous comments will be selected!




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