Engines and thrusters: what are the best 2023 options for boat propulsion?

Best Boat Accessories 2023 - Engines and Propellers
Best Boat Accessories 2023 – Engines and Propellers

Best Boat Accessories 2023 – Engines and Thrusters

Engines and propellers are fundamental and very delicate elements of the boat, although often underestimated. When buying a used boat, however, or otherwise refitting an existing boat, these are elements to consider and choose carefully. What kind of propulsion to have in the boat? Here are some of the best options in 2023.

Boat Accessories 2023 – EnergyMatic – Ewol

TOP 2023 Accessories - EnergyMatic - Ewol
TOP 2023 Accessories – EnergyMatic – Ewol

Thanks to the charging position it can be set to, the EnergyMatic propeller transforms into a hydrogenerator that can recharge the batteries of boats with electric or hybrid propulsion, but also with an alternator connected to the axle. When sailing with the propeller in the charging position, EnergyMatic functions as an electric turbine that generates power. Thanks to the EnergyMatic’s automatic return, it positions itself with minimal resistance and allows you to increase your sailing speed by as much as 1.5 knots.

N4.115 – Nanni

Engines and Thrusters - N4.115 - Nanni - Ranieri Tonissi
TOP Accessories 2023 – N4.115 – Nanni – Ranieri Tonissi

Nanni, building on its many years of experience, produces marine marine engines with a range from 10 to 360 hp. One example is the N4.115, in configuration with ZF saildrive transmission and Max Prop steerable propeller. It weighs 378 kg and being positioned amidships increases stability-a guarantee.

Engines and Thrusters: Autoprop – Brunton’s Propellers

Engines and Thrusters - Autoprop - Brunton's Propellers - Sigmadrive
TOP 2023 Accessories – Autoprop – Brunton’s Propellers – Sigmadrive

Bruntons Propellers’ Autoprop is a real best-seller among cruisers: with automatic variable pitch, it adjusts it autonomously when motoring with sails hoisted and, when sailing, can reduce drag by up to 95 percent. When sailing, turning off the engine with the forward gear engaged, Autoprop’s blades flag following the flow of water greatly reduces, compared to a fixed model, the brake due to the propeller surface.

Deep Blue Saildrive – 50 Torqeedo

TOP 2023 Accessories - Deep Blue Saildrive - 50 Torqeedo
TOP 2023 Accessories – Deep Blue Saildrive – 50 Torqeedo

Torqeedo’s new range of Deep Blue Saildrive 50 electric motors allow you to sail while hearing only the sound of the sea but without sacrificing power and performance. The new electric propulsion system, among the most powerful on the market with a power output equivalent to 80 hp, is powered by ultra-high-performance lithium batteries, the same ones used by the automotive industry that have been adapted for nautical use to avoid the risk of short circuits.

Engines and Thrusters: SD15 – Yanmar / ZF

TOP Accessories 2023 - SD15 - Cartel SRL
TOP 2023 Accessories – SD15 – Yanmar / ZF – Signboard

It is a foot that was created for use on boats up to 65 feet, whether monohulls or multihulls, and therefore is well suited for Yanmar common rail engines from 80 to 150 horsepower. The system, which can also be retrofitted aboard vessels that used to exploit the shaftline, ensures little vibration and noise.



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